The mysterious Su-Jok therapy or treat migraine using a ballpoint pen ...!

Su Jok Therapy Su Jok Therapy is a brilliant opening of the Korean scientist Woo Jae Pak, who after many years of careful observation and clinical work has developed a new treatment system in which the exposure using only the hands and feet reached the sameeffect as in acupuncture.The professor found on the hands and feet points connected with all parts of the body.Korean Su means "hand" and Jock - "foot."

The main advantages of this system are its simplicity, safety and efficiency.It is fairly easy to master, and the rate of achievement is remarkable.In this type of therapy is not involved exposure to any dangerous point, the stimulation of which may cause damage to health, so technicians can use it as the paramedics and lay people for self-medication.

According to the theory, which is based on Su Jok Therapy, hands and feet are a kind of remote control by the body - by clicking on the corresponding point in a certain way can affect the body.

Su Jok therapy

stimulation using magnets

to certain points on the hands and feet using a patch attached magnets.They should be centered around the points that are connected to the problematic organs or organ systems.

biological energy seeds

Everyone knows the force with which a tiny tender shoot, emerging from a tiny seed, makes its way up through the soil and even through stone.This potential energy of seeds used in the Su Jok therapy.You can stimulate certain points on the feet and palms of the sharp ends of seeds.In another embodiment, the seeds for some time with the adhesive secured to the trouble spots.


Warming corresponding points has a positive effect in many diseases associated with lack of energy.Points warmed using special sticks which is applied directly to the skin.If you do not have special tools, you can simply warm the hands and feet and fingers massage the points.


When using this method to influence the sensitive points very thin needle is used.It helps to harmonize the energy when a person suffers from its excess or deficiency.Some practitioners say that this treatment also has a positive effect on the energy meridians and chakras, although the description of the method by Professor Park Jae Woo is not mentioned.In any case, this technique is very safe and has no known side effects.

Color Therapy

essence of this direction of Su Jok therapy is that certain diseases can be treated with certain colors.If the body there are any violations, the relevant point on the hands and feet are painted in different colors.For example, in the treatment of inflammatory diseases using green and dark blue, with constant severe pain and ulcers - yellow and red.

Learn to apply Su Jok therapy can be your own - there are now quite a lot of literature on this topic.However, it is still recommended to go for at least two or three steps to a specialist to get a clear picture of the process.Improper use of Su Jok is not harmful to health - it simply does not help.However, this method to treat some diseases, you must first know what you are treating.In no case do not start treatment, placing a diagnosis based on the location and nature of the pain.If you have symptoms that may indicate a serious medical condition, consult your doctor.Su Jok therapy can be used only in states that do not require the help of a doctor or as a supplement to conventional treatment.