Modern phytotherapy - requires the correct application

Modern phytotherapy modern herbal medicine today competes with synthetic drugs and the victory is not always on the side of the latter.But in order to get a good therapeutic effect of the use of herbal medicine, it is necessary that it has appointed a specialist who is knowledgeable in this matter - the doctor-phytotherapeutist.


Why the interest in herbal medicine is so great today

Since the middle of last century, began active development of the pharmaceutical industry.Releases new high-medication - antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , hormones, enzymes, and so on, many of them have synthetic origin.In those years, herbal medicine was considered an anachronism, because synthetic drugs are much more effective.

But as the use of potent drugs appeared to know that the higher the therapeutic effect, the greater the side (sometimes very harmful to the body) effects.Therefore, gradually began to revive interest in traditional therapies, including treatment with herbs - herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects .One time, herbal medicine began to be considered a panacea that can cure all diseases.But this belief is passed quickly - it turned out that not all can be cured with the help of plants.

today to replace the previous delusions came the belief in the effectiveness of herbal medicine in the treatment of various diseases.But herbal medicine should be used exactly as prescribed and doctors with special training in the fields of medicine.Depending on the patient, the disease and its stages herbal medicine can be used, either alone (for example, anti-treatment for various chronic diseases), and as part of an integrated treatment can reduce the dosage and reduce the side effects of highly effective medicines sintetichesk4ogo origin.

But the situation today is that many of the plants, even very well-known, has a pronounced medicinal properties, is still poorly understood.The fact is that in addition to basic chemical substances in their composition and providing the main action, in most plants present in small amounts, and other substances, the whole complex effects on the body are not well understood.

That is why many experts urged to be wary of herbal medicine, and hold it only for its intended purpose and under the supervision of a physician, who can timely notice side effects of medication and adjust treatment.


main tasks of modern herbal medicine

main task of the modern herbal medicine is the study of the chemical composition of medicinal plants: isolation of pure active principles and study of the mechanism of action of each of them individually and collectively in the preparation of medicinal infusions, decoctions and other dosage forms.The study also recommended in folk medicine of different combinations of plants (fees) and their complex effects on the body.A great importance is the study of not only therapeutic, but side effects of drugs of plant origin.

comparative effectiveness study of individual plants, collections and treatments using laboratory research and clinical trials.Such studies take a lot of time and require significant financial investments.However, without the full use of herbal remedies impossible.

pharmaceutical industry is the object of the study and use of various plant extracts for the preparation of modern, convenient to use formulations.An example of such a drug can be kanefron Kanefron - indispensable for kidney Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease H (pharmaceutical company Bionorica, Germany) used in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.Active ingredient of this drug is herbal extracts.This drug can be used alone (mainly for anti-treatment or supportive treatment after the use of antibiotics), and simultaneously with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, contributing to a reduction of their doses.

problems of modern herbal medicine is also identifying new medicinal plants to study their chemical composition, properties and introduction into clinical practice.

urgent task is also studying the effect of different plants to patients suffering from serious diseases, which today are treated with drugs that have a lot of side effects, sometimes very seriously ill tolerated.Such diseases include, primarily malignant tumors which are used in the treatment methods of chemo- and radiotherapy cause a lot of side effects.Very heavy long-term treatment highly effective drugs also have to get AIDS AIDS - is still very scary AIDS - is still very scary .The use of herbal medicine could facilitate the treatment of such patients.

This difficult but doable task that will bring a new level but herbal medicine and use it as one of the most effective methods of treatment.

Galina Romanenko