Treating sinusitis sea salt - a natural therapeutic agent

treatment of sinusitis sea salt in their basic characteristics sea salt is very useful for the organism as a whole and for the state of the respiratory system in particular.Treating sinusitis sea salt is an effective method by which patients can get rid of long inflammation in sinuses.The salt solution is used for washing, and is also used for warms procedures.

source of useful substances for the organism

Even during the formation of medical science has been known that sea salt has a number of medicinal properties.It is a natural product, it is produced in vivo without the addition of chemical impurities or foreign compounds, without further heat treatment.

composition of sea salt can be compared with the table of chemical elements, as it has up to 80 useful for the elements.In addition to sodium chloride salt contains the following important micronutrients:

  • potassium iron zinc
  • calcium magnesium manganese

Normal table salt also contains iodine, but it loses its beneficial properties increasing shelf life.Iodine, which contains sea salt does not collapse over time.

Currently, the healing properties of sea salt began to be used for the treatment of special salt mines or equipped rooms.The air in this room is enriched with sodium and potassium ions, which have a direct impact on the respiratory system.The mucosa is cleaned of contaminants, microbes and allergens, which act as causes of sinusitis.Treatment with sea salt helps to eliminate inflammatory changes and edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause mucosa of the respiratory tract, nasal congestion.An important feature is the antibacterial activity against pathogenic microorganisms.Salt inhibits the growth of a large range of microbes, while sinuses are cleared of pus that forms in chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis - impact on health Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health due to the impact of microbial flora.

How to use sea salt

great importance in the treatment of chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis treatment - the need for a comprehensive approach Chronic sinusitis treatment - the need for a comprehensive approach given warming or heat treatments.This task copes sea salt.It should be well in a frying pan, then pour in a bag of cotton cloth (you can apply for this sock).Next, apply a warm bag in place of the projection of the paranasal sinuses, hold a cloth before storing the required temperature.Warming place sinus projection, in which there is an inflammatory process that leads to the removal of inflammation, improve sinuses from draining stagnant content.

solution of sea salt is used for rinsing the sinuses.This procedure can be done at home.For convenience, we must take small kettle and fill it with brine preparation.You must insert the spout into the nostril, tilt your head forward, pour a solution.Pour should be so that the solution was poured through the opposite nostril, so you should still tilt your head to one side.It is important that at the time the procedure was not stuffy nose.In this case it is necessary to apply the droplet vasoconstrictor eliminate congestion phenomenon and then to proceed to washing.Brine can wash out a nose in the sinus Sinusitis - when a puncture is needed Sinusitis - when a puncture is required in young children, it is important to calculate the dose of salt.If the procedure is carried out to an adult, it is enough to dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of salt.For children, the dose should be reduced by a factor of three.

Marina Solovyov