Irritability - you try to control my temper

Irritability irritability called recurring inadequate, too violent reaction to habitual stimuli.Irritability can be a character trait, but in most cases, she has other reasons.To cope with the irritability may be difficult, but it is quite possible, and even necessary for a man to live a normal life.


Causes irritation

have irritability can be a lot of reasons, for example:

  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • Menopause;
  • Ear infections;
  • Toothache;
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Stress;
  • anxiety disorder;
  • Depression;
  • Bipolar Disorder;
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs;
  • Cancel nicotine;
  • Cancel caffeine.

Irritability may be accompanied by additional symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, confusion, anger, headaches, fever, hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycles, loss of hair Hair loss - the distress signal Hair loss - the distress signal .



If previously calm, balanced person regularly fits of irritability, that it is practically impossible to control, should consult a doctor.First doctor will talk with the patient and explore its history;doctor is especially important to know whether the patient any mental disorder.Then, usually given blood blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health and urine.If the tests show that the level of certain hormones is abnormal, it is likely that it was the cause of irritability hormonal imbalance.The level of sugar in the urine may help identify diabetes, which is sometimes also causes irritability.If you suspect a mental disorder the patient may be referred to a therapist.



If the cause of irritability is any illness, the patient is assigned to an appropriate treatment.If the patient is generally healthy, your doctor may refer him to a psychologist to help him deal with the causes irritability and learn to control it.In any case, it may take some time before people will get rid of this line, and as long irritability will pose a significant threat to both personal life and for his professional career.


Irritability - the rules of conduct

treatment can produce results not immediately, irritability and flash will be repeated from time to time, in addition to your will.In order not to spoil relations with loved ones for a while, while you struggle with irritability, should adhere to certain rules.

  • Tell us about your problem.You may be embarrassed and uncomfortable telling someone that you can not cope with his irritability, but it is better to do this than to force them to wonder what caused your behavior.They will be easier to respond calmly to an outbreak of irritability, if they know that the reason for this disease, and you are taking steps to recover.In addition, it is important to regularly and openly talk about any difficulties you have difficulties, because triggers irritability often unspoken problem.
  • quickly apologize.As soon as you realize that you have given vent to irritation and hurt someone, apologize.Be honest - admit his guilt, and do not try to explain to the other person that he, too, is guilty (even if it is - provide it to do an analysis of their behavior).If possible, explain what brought you out of yourself - it will avoid conflicts in the future.
  • explain their needs.Often, people close to the person suffering from irritability, do not know when you can talk with him, and when it is better not to touch, and gradually begin to talk less with it, causing new psychological problems.Explain that you know when it is best to refrain from criticism to your address when you should generally leave alone, and when you are able to easily listen to them and respond adequately to heard.Also tell them that such measures are not always necessary that you are treated, and soon your condition is normal.
  • Follow needs of the organism.If you are too cold, hot, and, especially if you're hungry, the likelihood of outbreaks is greatly increased irritability.
  • Remember that other people have feelings too.Even if your loved ones know about the causes of your irritation, sometimes your behavior can still hurt them and they do not have to meekly endure all that you do and say.If you see that someone has wronged you, do not rush to blame the person that you just do not understand and does not want to reckon with your illness.Instead, once again apologize, tell us about the progress of treatment, and let them know that soon you will again behave normally.
  • not justified.Accept that they were wrong, do not try to hide behind the disease.What you annoyed by trifles, such as due to an anxiety disorder does not mean that you are doing the right thing.In addition, the quiet acceptance of their own mistakes helps to gradually reduce the frequency of attacks and irritability.