Sea buckthorn oil in the sinus - Natural curative and preventive agent

sea ​​buckthorn oil in the sinus on the medical properties of sea buckthorn oil is a unique herbal products that can be successfully used to treat a wide range of diseases.Sea buckthorn oil in the sinus Sinusitis - when a puncture is needed Sinusitis - when a puncture is required can be combined with a set of remedial measures undertaken.Be sure to exclude the presence of sea buckthorn are hypersensitive to not cause allergic reactions of the general and local character.

biological value of sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn is rich in nutrients, the content of some of them is superior to other medicinal plants.Included in the material cause therapeutic effects:

  • antibacterial bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect
  • immunostimulatory effect

Natural antibacterial agents or volatile, which is rich in sea buckthorn, help inhibit the growth of microorganisms.This explains why the use of sea buckthorn oil helps in infectious diseases of various localization.When sinusitis oil is used topically in the form of landfill, local treatment directly affects the causative agent of the disease, that is, it helps get rid of the pathogen of the disease due to the bactericidal properties of sea buckthorn oil.The important point is that the greatest antibacterial activity of sea buckthorn oil showing at a temperature which is as close to body temperature.

vitamins and macro- and micronutrients have immunostimulatory effects.Vitamin composition is very varied, they are represented by B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers B vitamins: the body useful helpers , C, E and K. These nutrients improve immunity at the local level, enabling the body to fight infectious disease naturally.Status of local immunity Immunity - types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults attaches great importance to the development of sinusitis, as in the case of its normal state with the mucosa of the respiratory tract is actively removes malicious microbes, allergens and toxins.

How to apply oil

When sinus greatest therapeutic effect is achieved by topical application of sea buckthorn oil.It is recommended to bury the oil in the nasal passage to five, six times a day.You can enter in the nasal passage turundy that moisten healing oil.Making procedures must be every day, just may need a course of treatment up to ten treatments.If the therapeutic effect is achieved is not complete and there is a need to repeat the treatment course, you should take a break for a month between courses.It is also effective inhalation using sea buckthorn oil.Breathing healing vapors recommended for 15 minutes.In the treatment of sinusitis Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician enough to hold eight to ten such procedures.

Sea buckthorn oil may get into the home, there are many recipes for its preparation.If cooking oil itself, it is necessary to consider that the most valuable is the oil that is contained in the peel, fruit pulp of sea buckthorn.The oil obtained from the seeds, is considered to be second-rate.The use of sea buckthorn oil may cause allergies, when you use the local expression appears itching, burning.In such cases, the treatment should be discontinued.By the treatment of sinusitis using sea buckthorn oil should begin after consulting a doctor, because the oil contains a large set of biologically active substances, so a doctor to determine the testimony and can recommend the regimen.

Marina Solovyov