Dependence on food: sausages otsustvie as a reason for depression

Dependence on food you think that ice cream in the refrigerator is calling you by name?But see the movie, not eating popcorn bucket or two, it is simply impossible?Unnamed addictive power of food and cause a person to eat when he was hungry for a long time, and load extra weight.Blame the fat, salt, sugar, and biochemistry of the brain.

Experts say that among the reasons for which some people take certain drugs and the reasons for which other people can not resist fatty, sugary, salty or heavily fried food, there is a certain similarity.Understanding the causes of abuse and dependence is the key to overcoming them.Someone addicted to alcohol, some of the drugs, someone from gambling, while others - from food.

Currently, more and more people are overweight, and their stories are very similar.In particular, for many of them sweet, fatty and salty foods for several years, they are an integral part of life, even though they are aware of its dangers.

One of the researchers, depending on the food and binge eating has suggested that certain foods - those that contain a lot of fat, sugar and salt - to stimulate certain sensory organs stronger than other products, because of what a man wants to eat them again and again.In favor of this theory says more and more scientific data - Today the problem of excess weight and obesity is studied actively.

When a person eats a very sweet, salty or fatty foods, they stimulate the production of endorphins - chemicals that signal the pleasure.They cheer up and soothe man dulling sense of guilt that often occurs due to overeating.

addition endorphins the brain produces dopamine, which causes the desire to eat food again, who gave so much good feeling.Type that same food, its smell, a restaurant where you bought it - all this is the desire, similar to the desire to have a drink or take a dose of the drug.This person does not understand why he was drawn to this product and why he can not control his appetite, though aware that it would be useful vegetable salad.

Some time after produced depending on the product, it ceases to bring satisfaction, and the person begins to look even more sweet, salty or fatty foods.


Signs depending on the food

  • Since there are certain food a person eats more than planned;
  • He goes there, although it does not feel hunger;
  • He eats until he feels dizzy;
  • If a person can not buy a desired product, it gives him the status of anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? .He can go round a few shops to find food, on which it depends;
  • increased excitability, irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper ;
  • abuse of certain foods in stressful situations.


An alternative look at the relationship of food

Not all experts agree that foods can lead to this dependence.Perhaps some foods do cause the secretion of certain substances in the brain, but it does not become the reason that a person begins to draw to a particular food as a drug.One of the main reasons for binge eating and obesity experts called poverty.According to the research, people with relatively high income (and education) often eat low-calorie and nutritious foods than those with lower levels of income.In order to become a thick, it does not have to be rich, rather - on the contrary: fatty, sugary and salty foods are often cheaper quality food - fruits, vegetables, fish, and so on.

Another important factor is that many people are using harmful products to combat stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? and just for fun, because many of them have little opportunity to relieve tension in other ways.Often they do not realize that overeating can be harmful as long as they do not appear serious problems with being overweight, but even then it is difficult to stop and start eating right.


How to control eating habits

Get rid of food addiction can be, like any other, although it is not easy to do.Here are some guidelines that will help better control their eating habits, and gradually overcome addiction:

  • Plans food - you have to know exactly what and when you eat.In this way you can avoid situations or foods that are normally triggers overeating and replace harmful products useful.
  • Set rules for yourself eating behavior, for example, do not eat between meals.If you take a firm decision and will regularly verbalize it to yourself, your brain will be less and less to stimulate cravings for certain foods.
  • Change your relationship with food.For example, looking at a big plate of chips, think not about how well you will be when you eat it, and that this portion is two times more calories than you need.Also, remind yourself that in products that make you dependent, contains only a small portion of the nutrients that you need to receive daily with food.Once you realize that certain foods not only makes you addicted, but also harm your health, to overcome the dependence becomes much easier.
  • think in advance that you will respond to the proposal familiar snack foods, on which you have decided to give up (fast food, grilled meats, and so on).Waiver must be polite and firm.
  • Learn to enjoy wholesome food.
  • Consult a dietitian and / or psychologist.In addition, it is necessary to start attending a support group to talk with people who have the same problem that you have.