Mirra - health and beauty

myrrh Mirra - an aromatic resin of some trees and kind of fam: Commifora Balzamodendron.Although myrrh is traditionally used in perfumery and funeral rituals, scientific studies have shown that it also possesses healing properties.However, be sure to consult with your doctor before you start to use myrrh for the prevention or treatment of any disease.

Since ancient times physicians used myrrh to treat mental and physical illnesses among the population of North Africa and the Middle East.Bushes myrrh are the source of three valuable products: resin, rubber and essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? .Even the Egyptians used myrrh to embalm the dead, and it still remains a valuable product used in religious, private and commercial purposes.Ayurverdicheskaya and Chinese medicine often recommend myrrh as a tonic, blood-purifying and anti-inflammatory.

applications in medicine and cosmetology

antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh make it an effective treatment for burns, ulcers and superficial wounds.Proponents of natural medicine believe that the astringent properties of myrrh explain why it is so effective against hemorrhoids.Myrrh is also used in the media for skin care and anti-wrinkle cream.Since our skin absorbs everything like a sponge and soak up the substance has an effect on the entire body, you should always buy only high-quality and proven products myrrh.

The use of spiritual practices

Although myrrh and still remains a part of religious ceremonies in the West and the East, it has become so popular among the people because of its cleansing properties.Naturopaths and bioenergy include myrrh in the aromatherapy and use it for massage.Mirra, taken alone or in combination with other spices Incense - echoes of ancient rituals Incense - the echoes of ancient rituals , used to clear stagnant energy, helps relieve stress and restore peace of mind.

Application myrrh medicine

For centuries, myrrh has been used to treat syphilis treatment of syphilis - a laborious process Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process , leprosy and other serious diseases.In Chinese medicine, myrrh is considered a stimulant, and it is indicated for the treatment of colds, chest congestion and respiratory infections.Ayurverdicheskie doctors prescribe myrrh as a tonic and a remedy for menstrual cramps.Recently, clinicians have found that the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make it myrrh effective treatment for gingivitis and other oral diseases.

Mirra for the prevention of gastric ulcers

Myrrh helps to prevent stomach ulcers.In some studies it was found that the rats that were exposed to the chemicals that cause stomach ulcers, and myrrh, fell ill with a stomach ulcer often.Although myrrh and itself gives a good result when applied in combination with other essential oils, the maximum effect.

Mirra and prostate cancer

Scientific studies show that myrrh is also effective for the treatment of prostate cancer.It inhibits the mechanisms leading to the development of prostate cancer.For example, myrrh inhibits androgen receptors work.This is very important because the excessive secretion of the hormone androgen is one of the causes of prostate cancer.

Mirra like hepatoprotector

Myrrh also has hepatoprotective (liver protecting) properties.Studies have shown that myrrh in combination with turmeric turmeric: benefits and harms of the Indian saffron Turmeric: the benefits and harms of the Indian saffron - spice widely used in eastern cuisine - can stop liver damage in mice caused by lead.Formulations comprising myrrh reduce lipid peroxidation - hepatic lipolysis that leads to damage.

Mirra and treatment against parasites

Myrrh is also used to get rid of parasites.One study found that the use of 12 mg of myrrh for each kilogram of body weight on an empty stomach for three months leads to a decrease in the number of eggs of Fasciola - one of the species of parasites.Fascioliasis may cause fever and abdominal pain, as well as a number of other symptoms.


World is considered non-toxic substances and sold in the form of a solution, powder or oily liquid.Although the healing properties of myrrh and widely recognized, it can cause some serious side effects, so do not self-medicate and consult a doctor before starting any preparations containing myrrh.Mirra also can not be used in pregnant and lactating women.