Frankincense: aromatic resin voskurivaniya

fragrant incense resin smell of incense is difficult to confuse with some others: this ancient incense Incense - echoes of ancient rituals Incense - the echoes of ancient rituals voskurivaetsya Christian churches in many millennia.Matthew describes what incense, along with other precious gifts the Magi brought to Jesus Christ.What is incense?This natural wood resin, which is collected from tree trunks kind Bossveliya.Widespread use of incense found not only in worship, but also in folk medicine, aromatherapy and perfume industry.

aromatic resin

Frankincense is an aromatic resinous substance dried juice kamedesmolu gathered from oriental trees Bossveliya biological genus, family burseraceae.The tree trunk is incised at the end of the winter, it follows from the resin hardens and near the base of the trunk or on the bark of the plant.The highest grade of selected incense considered small dry pieces of light yellow color, with balsamic odor.The lowest quality among ordinary incense is uneven parts resin dark brown with blond highlights.Frankincense trees growing in the Arabian Peninsula and in East Africa (mainly in Somalia).

The structure consists of incense gums and resins, essential oils.Trituration with water resin emulsion forms a cloudy, heating, does not melt, produces a characteristic smell of balsamic, sweet, enveloping, soothing and pleasant.The resin is completely soluble either in ethanol or in the air or in water.

Properties and application of incense

main use of incense in censing found at worship: the priests add it to incense, potpourri, incense and placed in voskurivayut him, waving the sacred vessels.From such an action in the temple is a special smell of incense smoke.Frankincense - part of frankincense, one of the eleven temple incense.However, often in churches generally called incense and all other resins.Incense fumigate and domestic premises: the resin in this case is used as an antiseptic.

in perfumery and aromatherapy incense used in the form of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? .Now traditional medicine and medicinal pharmaceuticals incense is used very rarely, mostly in ointments by suppuration and inflammation in the treatment of diseases such as mastitis, abrasions, swelling of different etymology.Egyptians since ancient times have joined with incense Cinnamomum and rub it into aching joints, made of pure incense rejuvenating mask Rejuvenating Face Mask - beauty improvised Anti-aging face masks - the beauty of improvised .The Chinese have acknowledged for aromatic resin properties such as protection against leprosy and scrofula, used to reduce the risk of infection, as a part of wound healing plasters.Especially prized "samotochny incense," one which itself emerged from the bark of trees, without human intervention.The Chinese called incense "fat running down the sacred flower."

It is interesting

European countries have repeatedly raised the issue of banning the kids when visiting temples incense incense fumigation, as is suspected procarcinogens effect of aromatic odor.Scientific evidence shows that in the smoke of incense contains acetate intsensola, powerful antidepressant.The small amount of incense contains the same material as that of hashish - Tetrahydrocannabinol, the biocatalyst brain.That is why the voskurivaniya incense comes peace, the removal of nervous tension, a powerful production of serotonin, the hormone of joy.However, incense, as well as prayer, heals the soul, and the soul comes through healing and rehabilitation of the physical body.

In Russian folklore incense is a powerful tool in the fight against evil spirits, as reflected in proverbs and sayings:

  • afraid as hell of incense
  • Laden
  • not smoked incense to demons, a prison - a thief
  • Holy Spirit, incensesmell.

And every Russian amulet worn around the neck, a canvas bag with incense as a means of protection from evil spirits.

Almost a hundred years ago, Alexander Vertinsky (1889-1957), the idol pop of the first half of the XX century, singing sad drawling, in his characteristic manner melodious recitative famous song "Your fingers smell of incense."The song was dedicated to Vera Cold, a popular actress of silent film, which was secretly in love with the great singer.His songs, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, "the phenomenon represented almost hypnotic influence not only on the narrow-minded, but also on demanding an elite audience."

Jeanne Pyatirikova