Vanilla from pies to perfume

vanilla fruit flavor of vanilla plants is often associated with the smell of oriental fragrances.Vanilla is most often used as a spice in cooking, while it is one of the most expensive spices in the world because of the complex process of its receipt.Vanilla essential oil has a deep, sensual scent, can ignite the passion, warm, relax, soothe, give confidence.In cosmetology oil of vanilla it acquires the properties of the true healing balm that can smooth out fine wrinkles, reduce inflammation and irritation.Traditional medicine recommends the use of vanilla oil to normalize the process of digestion, treatment of many diseases and the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

Vanilla: pods of passion and love

Natural Vanilla - exotic fruits-boxes vanilla orchid vine family.In the vegetable world, all orchids are considered to be the color of love and occupy in the hierarchy of the botanical kingdom of the highest stage of development.The warm scent of vanilla in ancient Mexico made a cult plant, worshiped and adored.Only in this country vanilla flowers are pollinated naturally, in all other areas of distribution plants, this process is organized person.

Latin generic name of the plant comes from the Spanish word «vainilla», which means "silicle."Vanilla essential oil obtained by extraction from the fruit of the plant with ethanol.This is called an extract resinoids.To produce one liter of oil must be thirty - forty kilograms of vanilla pod, which is why pure vanilla essential oil is quite expensive.

vanilla oil in cosmetology

In cosmetology vanilla oil is used to improve the elasticity and skin tone, relieve irritation and rashes.For this purpose, the base product - cream, lotion, tonic, add five drops of oil to five grams of "vehicle" means.When applied to the skin of pure vanilla oil for a couple of minutes there is a light caressing chill.

nice relaxing bath with the addition of five to seven drops of vanilla oil to help relieve tension in the body, enhance sex appeal Sexual attraction - chemistry for two Sexual attraction - chemistry for two.Explanation of such phenomenal properties of the oil as an aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary due to its chemical formula, similar in composition to human pheromones.To enhance sensuality and finding inner freedom two or three drops of vanilla oil is placed in aromamedalony and wear them on the body.

vanilla oil in folk medicine

in vanilla aromatherapy oils used for diabetes, insomnia, depression, nervousness, stress, flatulence, when scarce and irregular menstruation, stomach ulcers, impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem Impotence - a female perspective on the problem , frigidity Frigidity pathology or liberation? Frigidity pathology or liberation? , anemia, rheumatism.Method of application for all these ailments can be massage with vanilla oil, bath, adding to the oil burner, tonic for the body.For the treatment of internal diseases illustrates the application of one drop of oil on a piece of sponge cake twice daily.

Application vanilla oil helps a person with a strong influence of alcohol, it needs to add one or two drops on a sugar cube and bring to the suffering, light aroma lamp, pour a few drops in a bowl of water and place it near the patient's bed.Feature vanilla aroma that it is the best antidote to alcohol, causes a persistent aversion to receive alcohol.

During monthly vanilla oil helps women cope with premenstrual syndrome, to remove pain.A few drops of oil in the crook of the elbow or behind auricles will help not just nice to smell but also to cope with irritation and self-doubt in the critical days.


Vanilla oil is not recommended for pregnant women and children.It is safe, non-toxic, but an overdose can cause nausea and skin rashes.Contraindication can be idiosyncrasy and sweet smell of vanilla.

Vanilla fragrance evokes a feeling of tranquility, protection, peace and harmony, helping to cope with uncontrolled outbursts of anger, banishing insomnia.

Jeanne Pyatirikova