Is it easy to get married - the eternal female question

Is it easy to get married accepted that absolutely all girls dream of marriage.Of course, there are exceptions, and yet most plans at least once in your life try the wedding dress.On the question of how easy is to get married there is no single answer: someone for life repeatedly comes down the aisle, and for someone to marriage is and remains an unrealized dream.


common myths

Many women believe that marriage is very difficult: the few men and women, who want to tie the knot, even less.This opinion is very widespread, although not everyone can say why she believes that men lack.Indeed, in the history of each country have been times when many men were killed during the war, and women appeared stiff competition.But in peacetime men about the same number as there are women.And even if the weed alcoholics, drug addicts, and in places of deprivation of liberty of men, the girl would still be a great choice.

infidelity and opinion that men do not want to marry.Celibate quite a bit, and not always we can confidently say that they really never planned to marry.In the majority of his men will sooner or later start a family, and go to the altar completely voluntary.Another question is that if a girl wants to get married as early as eighteen, the young people can not think about a serious relationship to thirty or even forty years.However, in recent years, and girls are more likely to avoid early marriage.


This is easy to get married

Experience shows that those girls are really eager to marry and take this any efforts sooner or later get their way.It is much less likely in those who passively waiting for the execution of their dreams: they can always stand alone.

All men, of course, different tastes and they can vary considerably, so it is impossible to make even a rough portrait of the perfect bride.Yet there are certain laws: for example, all men are looking for women who can feel comfortable.Comfort, however, all are currently in different ways, but in general, men have a family, to have been a reliable rear.Masochists who dream of marrying a girl who at the first opportunity lies with the neighbor and spread gossip about his wife, a little bit.Most men dream of his wife, who will be for them not just a lover but also a reliable friend.

Modern men prefer self-sufficient women.Speaking to a lady, a man convinced that she appreciates him as a person and not as a means to solve some of their problems.

At all times, men valued the women's calm and wise, not prone to tantrums and the constant showdown.This woman respects her husband and never allows himself to humiliate him.

Finally, easily marry girls who know what they want, and really looking at the world.They know that people are not perfect, so do not waste time waiting for the mythical prince on a white horse, forgive elect its shortcomings and never try to alter it.


who find it difficult to marry

is believed that the older a woman is, the harder it is to get married to her.Truth in this statement is.Interestingly, it's not so much age as such (someone gets married in seventy years) and not even in the fading beauty (many of forty look better than twenty), and in the nature of plasticity.The older the person, the definition of its character, the harder the attitudes, and the harder it is to adapt to new situations and make compromises.However, this rule has many exceptions: some with age, in contrast, are softer, tolerance, understanding.

The appearance qualities such as gentleness and tolerance, contributes to the experience of previous marriages.This explains the strange at first glance, the fact that women have been in a marriage (whether registered or common-law), it is easier to get married than those who do not have the experience of living together with her beloved man.

accepted that women with children from previous marriages can be difficult to get married again.It is at once so wrong.Of course, so the ladies have to stricter approach to the selection of a spouse: it is necessary to consider not only its own interests but also the interests of the children.And the choice of these women less - not every man is willing to educate others' kids.And yet, such a marriage can be very attractive to men: first, it can be sure that his wife is able to give birth to his child;secondly, he immediately receives a full family without pregnancy tests and without night vigils with a newborn in her arms.As a rule, women with children are married men responsible, who are serious about marriage - and it means that these families tend to be particularly strong.


Should I live a civil marriage

Should I start to live with the beloved civil marriage, hoping to eventually register a relationship?This question is no single answer.Nowadays, rare couples decide to get married, not having lived for some time together.However, the unregistered relationship both men and women are treated differently.For some, such a marriage is no different from an official other than the stamp: the same attitude, the same mutual responsibility.Others consider civil marriage as something frivolous, time - about any liability in this case the question.For the third civil marriage - a step toward marriage official required a temporary stage.

It is important that both partners are treated equally to civil marriage, or cohabitation is unlikely to be comfortable, one of the partners will feel cheated, conflicts begin.If a woman is required to print the passport, it is better not to agree to live together without this print or clearly specify the dates when the marriage is registered.At the same time we should not overestimate the value of the stamp: if the relationship of wedlock do not add up, then check them in any way not improve.

Maria Bykov