Attar: natural perfume Oriental Princess

Attar: natural perfume Oriental Princess In ancient times, oriental princesses and maharajas did not say "essential oil", although it was used for incense Incense - echoes of ancient rituals Incense - the echoes of ancient rituals , baths and cosmetic purposes.Previously used the word "Attar", referring to just such a precious natural oil.Attar - a perfume oil made from flower petals, spices and sandalwood with a subtle intoxicating aroma of the East.Secret Attar and now kept in the strictest secrecy, as are powerful aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary and means capable of almost instantly regain health and peace of mind, all are only in doses and nuances.


Attar Attar - a special world of flavors of the East, where every drop of nature reinforced complicated the process of obtaining the finest fragrances.According to tradition, the Prophet Mohammed Attar used for the body and has always exuded a delicate scent of garden flowers Medina.Attar - it is not just perfumes because they have an alcohol is expensive essential oils mixed with sandalwood oil.Since ancient times it was believed that the best basic element for the Eastern flavor can serve exactly this oil.

most famous Attar is obtained from rose, henna flowers, tuberose, marigold, lotus and saffron.However, in the East, many Attar used not only for spices and delicate flavor make clothes and body, they treat many ailments.Oil amber ancient Arabs strengthened vision, treated ear, headache Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications , relieve fatigue.Avicenna believed that Attar Musk dispels fear and strengthens the heart muscle.And today, on the eastern markets can be found shops selling spices, among which are the real miracle healing Attar: cold shamama help, amber and musk, from heartache - Attar of roses.

fragrant mist mystery

Because until now the production process Attar kept secret, very schematically, it can be represented as follows: in a huge copper pot dipped fresh delicate petals of fragrant flowers.Under the boiler only kindle the fire on the wood, and begins the long process of distillation.The bamboo tubes are arranged in a complex design of the apparatus rises vapor containing concentrated essential oils of flowers.After steam cooling system, turning into condensate drops fed into a glass flask with sandalwood essential oil.Distillation is continued throughout the day, the water is gradually cooled and oil is cut off: so the essential oils of flowers and sandalwood form a new stable smelly tandem.The entire connection process occurs sandalwood and flowers for a long time, repeating several times before you get the most expensive Attar.

In the days of the Prophet Muhammad fragrant spirits produced in the process of distilling natural petals in a solution olive oil.A glass vessel with a fragrant mixture exposed to the bright sun, and for seven - ten days of oil filled with incense.Then added a new batch of delicate petals, and the whole process repeats.The result was a precious Attar, real treasures for the princesses.

resulting Attar was poured into special leather bottle, where it could be stored for centuries.Many Attar is a complex mixture of spices and plants, oil and musk, for example, Attar shamama consists of twenty ingredients, including Carnation Carnation : exquisite aromatherapy Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy , pepper, cinnamon, and other Khas, thus preparing it for more than twoweeks.

have arabok and indusok Attar is the custom to put on the inside of the ear, so the flavor is retained longer.To use Attar in the East, there are special hollow earrings, which put cotton wool soaked in a fragrant aroma.Modern women use Attar, sprinkling drops of precious clothes, scarves, and the fragrance lasts up to a month, while the applied directly to the skin is washed off at the end of the day, after bathing.Men Attar representatives of a strong half is applied to the outside of the hand, beard and clothes wet mixture of fragrant oily hair is prohibited.

Attar in the East - part of the culture, the business card of many countries, the bright fragrant testimony of centuries-old traditions of the people, passed on from generation to generation the secrets of essential oils.

Jeanne Pyatirikova