Romantic date - add an element of surprise

Romantic date romantic date - is not just a necessary element of any relationship or a routine part of the courtship ritual.Such visits may always remain in memory, even if the relationship will not develop in tandem.Happy couple also will be remembered for such meetings, and many years later, as a beautiful moment full of tenderness and love.


Romance under the microscope

Most girls dream about romance Romance - trap for women? Romance - trap for women? in a relationship, but few can say with certainty what is romantic.Romance differ from ordinary friendships because their colors is a wonderful feeling, like love.Romance - a decoration of life, the triumph of beauty over pragmatism and rationalism.

Romantic actions involve some sort of surprise, to go beyond the everyday, and it is no coincidence: the romance can not be constant, daily and hourly, otherwise it is simply boring as stale the most delicious dishes and the finest spices spices - delicious remedy forSlimming Spices - delicious slimming .But quite boring to live without romance: dating good not only for couples who are just starting relations, but also for those who have been living together and want to refresh their senses.

worth sometimes call for help imagination and please his half a romantic surprise, for example, a date in an unusual place.In this romantic date does not have to be expensive: there are many cost-effective, but no less enjoyable options.Sometimes you can arrange a romantic date, not even leaving home.


Romance home delivery

course, the best setting for romance - this endless starry sky above his head, whisper of the wavesand the aroma of tropical flowers.However, such a situation is possible to organize not always.Much more often on long journeys have neither time nor money, but this is not a reason to abandon the romance.In the end, sit at home by the fireplace, while outside in the rain or snowstorm sweeps, no less pleasant.Houses do not have a fireplace?It does not matter, fit and candles, the main thing - the living fire, which creates a feeling of comfort, peace and security.

Sometimes you just turn off the computer, television and phones, sit together in an embrace, and slowly sipping hot chocolate or cold champagne to feel the extraordinary unity.For drinks, you can file a fruit or fresh baked biscuits, but without complex dishes is possible to do.Instead of a leisurely meal fit together reading books out loud or common-seed old photos.You can have a great time and staring at the, for example, travel brochures and vacation planning.

Another option - a joint decision bathtub.This technique is often described in the literature, but authors sometimes forget to specify that such a romantic pastime is suitable only for those who really large bathroom.Otherwise, the romance can turn numb hands and feet, bruises in the most inappropriate places and general dissatisfaction.

for adults can be very romantic symbolic return to childhood.For example, why not play bingo salochki or hide and seek?In the performance of adult lovers can buy these games erotic tinge that makes them even more romantic.

main thing - not to talk about business, about money, about the work and about any problems.Only about love, relationships, wonderful memories and great plans for the future.The beauty of romantic meeting at home that the bedroom at hand, that is a great date will be at least a pleasant continuation.


If you still go out

What could be more wonderful observations of the stars?At all times, the lovers admiring the night sky, and such activity will undoubtedly give a romantic note to the appointment.You can go to the park and admire the stars from there.You can climb to the highest roof in the city close to the heavens, and look not only at the stars, but in the magic lights far below.Finally, you can go to the planetarium.In any case, a date will be unforgettable.

settings will be pleased with the experience to recreate the first date.Of course, you can not always do it in every detail, on a hike through places which are associated with pleasant memories, be sure to stir the hearts of love and tenderness.And why not make a little photo shoot in these places?

Extreme Entertainment.The unusual meeting, the more chances he has to be called romantic.Everyone has their own idea of ​​the extreme - for some it's part in the race, for someone - a balloon flight, and for someone - just a horse ride.The main thing - to plunge into new, unfamiliar feeling before, to experience something memorable together.Psychologists have long established that the joint experiences contribute to the strengthening of relations, so why not try to go through together something completely new?

And you can do the opposite: to come back for a day in the distant past.Lovers by chance is often used in speech diminutive suffixes and affectionate phrases - as if they are returning to childhood, opening each other completely, showing boundless confidence.And why not treat yourself and your loved one are typically children's entertainment?For example, go to the movies to cartoons, go to the zoo, to ride the rides and then eat ice cream and cotton candy, forgetting for a day on the rules of healthy eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating .Such simple, seemingly entertainment are extremely pleasant, and it's certainly a romantic date to remember.

Maria Bykov