Essence: essence of tender plants

Essence: essence of tender plants Often called essential oil essence of a plant, but it is fundamentally flawed: the oil obtained by distillation of flowers or leaves, but the essence is produced by a tree or a flower in a natural way.Since the natural essences - an expensive pleasure for the perfume, cosmetics and food industry produce them artificially imitating the smell of fragrant plants.

What is the essence of aromatherapy

Essence is called a natural substance that is produced by the plant during its life.That is the essence gives the characteristic odor of the flowers, leaves, stems, the bark of a representative of the kingdom of flora.However, the industry essence names and spirits, which are obtained by the infusion of various parts of the plant on alcohol.Further, in the pharmaceutical and food industries with the same name is called and the concentrated solution which is diluted when used, for example, popular vinegar essence.

Essence produce secretory cells of different parts of the plant, it is enough to pull down a fresh leaf or touch the stamens of the flower, inhaled its aroma to feel the energy and savor the wonderful natural gifts.The essence of citrus fruits is in large vacuoles juicy peel, remove it mechanically by pressure easily.You can do a simple experiment: crushing the peel ripe tangerine or orange, to bring a burning match to it.Oil fetus will keep the fire within a few seconds.

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essential oil extracted from a particular plant is directly dependent on the species and growing conditions.This explains the variation in prices for oil.Number of essences in bright colors smelling more than, for example, in the bark of medicinal trees.Region growing, season, soil composition, moisture content and the amount of light received by the plant, affect the quality of precious essences.Experts accurately choose the time of collection of flowers, leaves, stems and bark to produce a valuable essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? , so the harvest was generous.

The chemical composition of essential oils are quite complex.With solar energy, terrestrial flora representatives chemical combine elements of nature - air, water, soil, converting molecules of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon into complex compounds varied flavors.The chemical composition of volatile aroma essences are divided into eight main groups: alcohols, acids, terpenes, ketones, aldehydes, esters, phenols and sesquiterpenes.Almost all plant essences chemists can detect all eight components, but each combination is unique, unrepeatable, because is so easy to distinguish the essential oil of rose oil rose - expensive Rose oil is expensive - from acacia, lavender and ginger from healing properties of lavender - notOnly a pleasant aroma The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma .

It is interesting

In aromatherapy side effects of the treatment are extremely rare, as pure essential oils present to ninety percent of the molecules of the same type, others only have a synergy of action, emphasizing the main note of the plants, helping it to fully disclose allits medicinal properties.

Spirits (fr. Rarfum) - a mixture of different aromatic essences, which dilute or insist on alcohol resistance imparting flavor.Power and poise perfume is prepared by mixing various components, with no firm base for the base of a flavor not.The new scent depends on the talent and expertise of master composer spirits.

Natural essences of plants as volatile start, very expensive and because most commercially available perfume industry and aromatherapy largely artificial.For example, synthetic pineapple essence consists of one part aldehyde one portion of chloroform, ten parts of ethyl butyric acid, and three parts of glycerol hundred parts of pure alcohol.

most famous homeopath, who used flower essences for the treatment of various diseases, was Edward Bach, who lived in Britain in the early XX century.Flower essences according to the procedure of Bach used until now for the treatment of many emotional and mental disorders.Dr. Bach first discovered the link between stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? patient emotions, which he has responded to this new situation and caused as a result of this disease.Using the development of the London doctor, doctors all over the world quickly and efficiently adjust the patient's condition using flower essences, speeding up his recovery.

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