Logical-intuitive introvert - Analyst or Robespierre

Logical-intuitive introvert Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung suggested to divide people into extroverts and introverts.For a more detailed description of the types of introverts and extroverts today divided into 16 personality types, which take into account not only the inherent features of a person's identity, but also the processes of information exchange between man and the environment.Logical-intuitive introvert - a type of Analytics or Robespierre.

Strengths - logic and intuition

Logical iituitivny introvert introvert - not breaketh himself Introvert - not breaketh himself - Analyst or Robespierre.All phenomena, he carefully analyzes using a scientific approach.The strength of this type - the logic and intuition.The analyst is constantly immersed in himself, in his own world where everything is categorized and logically linked to each other.

Analyst craves knowledge, it absorbs them into itself, exploring the world, builds the universe held together by his ideas.If something it lacks knowledge helps intuition and imagination.Constantly focused and silent.Outside world takes an interest very early and it makes it a lot of reading in early childhood.Reading for him is not just entertainment, and cognition of the world.

well at school, it is especially easy to give exact science, where everything is classified, laid out on shelves.Early starts to see in a small, private general, and in the general public - the analysis of life situations is given to him very easily.In the future, it will work successfully if the work is of interest to him.But it does not always happen, and if the work is not interesting analyst, he worked carelessly.Analysts make great programmers, accountants, engineers, math teachers, surgeons, managers.

very freedom, does not like anyone to invade his personal space - this allowed only selected those with whom he has closeContact.With such people can be friends for life.Love and affection long, often for life.

Despite the complete lack of interest in life, if necessary, it can provide your family a normal existence.But if someone will lift the burden from it, it will only be grateful.Unpretentious clothes, but understands its value to others, so you may dress tastefully, but without the frills - vivid detail, frills, crawfish - it is not for Analytics.

Having your own world, and nurturing their ideas, which are fanatically convinced.They say little, but if the interests involved its theme, can speak clearly, concisely and persuasively.I tend to convince others of his ideas - hence the title of this second type of people - Robespierre.The combination of stealth, the pursuit of justice, the belief in their ideas and wishes to pass them around often makes Analysts revolutionaries - Dzerzhinsky, Garibaldi.

Weaknesses - to put their ideas into practice

excellent understanding in any situation, in theory, sorting out people and their characters, an analyst with difficulty communicating and turns their ideas into reality.Especially a lot of trouble gives him companionship in his youth - he sees too well the shortcomings of others and can not hesitate to say so.With age, the analyst learns not to do it, but his silence and coldness of outer (even inaccessibility) do not attract people to him.

Knowing this, an analyst with youth accustom ourselves to ignore the opinions of others.He also prepares himself and to other possible privation - constantly tempered, limit yourself to food, and so on.

Helpless in life, can absolutely not interested in what he wears and eats - the need to delve into the life given to him hard.In such cases, he needs someone who could take care of it.But usually the person he chooses Analytics and if he accepts it, you get a very strong and reliable alliance.

not able to achieve their own, to defend their interests, does not have the penetration and often (but not always) does not believe that he is able to do something concrete.Indecisive, his actions are almost always late.All these qualities are often made of people of this type pessimists.But if the analyst at work and appreciate the work he likes, he can achieve great things.Can not stand that they were in command, quickly respond to a request or a soft persuasion than on the order and it is very often prevents promotion.

give your health and spiritual comfort of great importance.Hardening - it is also one way to improve health.Peace of mind can be broken, if others do not understand it and have a negative attitude.In this case, an analyst may become suspicious.

Thus, logical-intuitive introvert - a person with analytical mind, the ability to understand people and situations.But he is hesitant, unsure of himself and does not know how to defend their interests.

Galina Romanenko