Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ...

psychological assistance Every year, hundreds of millions of people suffering from depression and other emotional difficulties, need psychological help and they ask for it.In the process of counseling the patient, together with a psychologist is the source of their problems, and to change their thinking and behavior, thus solving the problem.Nevertheless, many people drop out rather quickly on consultation and disillusioned with the idea of ​​receiving psychological care.When people resort to such help, how effective it is and how to find a qualified professional who will help to cope with psychological problems?


Why do people seek psychological help?

According to preliminary data, about a quarter of adults in Western countries suffer from certain forms of depression and anxiety.Generally, people seek professional psychological help in the following cases:

  • They for a long time feeling of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, and can not independently get out of this state;
  • Because emotional difficulties it becomes more difficult to cope with their daily activities.For example, they can not concentrate on their studies or work, which entails various problems;
  • Their behavior is harmful to themselves or others.For example, a person abuses alcohol, closed in itself, or behaves aggressively;
  • Because of the psychological state of a person, there are serious problems in relations seven problems in relationships and how to solve them Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them with family members and close friends.


How effective psychological help?

Studies show that professional psychological help to help cope with depression, anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , as well as the attendant symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, trouble sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , and so on.In addition, psychological help increase survival rates among patients undergoing heart surgery and cancer patients - it is assumed that this is due to the beneficial effects of therapy on the immune system.More and more scientific evidence indicates that physical and mental health are closely related, and it is not surprising that psychological assistance not only helps to cope with disorders of emotional sphere.It should be noted that high-quality child care psychologist is not less important than for adults.


Find a qualified professional?

Choice specialist psychological care - a very personal thing: psychologists a different approach, which may not be ideal for everyone.

best to ask the advice of your family doctor if you have already talked to him about your problems, it will be able to recommend a suitable specialist.

can consult with relatives or friends who had previously sought psychological help.

Look for information about working in your town psychologists over the internet.Chances are good that you'll find reviews of patients - they can be very helpful when choosing a specialist.

As a rule, the result of this search a person finds more suitable psychologists.Agree with one of them about the meeting, and during the first conversation in general terms tell us about their problems and ask about his experience, the techniques that he uses in the work, and, of course, about the payment.If the psychologist something you do not like (even if you can not explain what it is), refer to a specialist.As a result, you have to find a psychologist who will suit you with its experience and methods with which you can freely and easily communicate.


How to get the most benefit from contact with a psychologist?

There are many forms of psychological help, but they are united by one thing: the psychological help is always - co-operation of the patient to a psychologist, not unilateral action.In other words, the psychologist can give you medicine or cut that is the source of the problem, but it can be with you to find a way to solve a problem.Therefore, going to the consultation, a person must be willing to speak frankly, and perhaps know the unpleasant truth about themselves.Get ready for this in advance, and try not to deny the information that you would prefer not to know.

It is very important to go for regular consultation and apply the recommendations that you have developed in collaboration with a psychologist.


psychological first aid

When something happens - whether it is an accident, explosion, fire or flood, all the people - both the victims and witnesses behave in different ways, but always on the scene are thosewho need immediate psychological assistance.A person who has experienced a strong shock, may behave in unexpected ways - sometimes people become violent against themselves or others, or interfere with rescue work physicians (often - the best of intentions, for example, trying to talk to a relative of the wounded), and so on.Such people should engage experts to provide emergency psychological assistance, but they are not always in place at the time.In such cases, the aid may come people happened to be nearby.

  • listen and be there

Sometimes a person just needs to be heard.To show him that you understand it, you can help a person to regain control of his emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .If a person is unable to speak, just be close, letting him know he was not alone.

  • Put yourself in the place of the person

Words like "all is well" in some situations seem a mockery.You will easily understand that, if you imagine yourself in the place of a man who, for example, got into a major accident, and did not know what happened to his family.Of course, to say that everything is bad, it is not worth it, but to give false hope may be no less dangerous.Needless to give a man to understand that he behaves irrationally, asking rescuers and interfering with their work - try to gently explain that they have to work and take him aside.

  • Do not hide information

If you already know something about the incident, share the information with the person you're trying to help.Uncertainty in emergency situations most painful.

  • Overcome bystander effect

this term (synonym - the effect of extraneous) describes the phenomenon where the incident witnesses simply observe, but do not help victims.Experts say that the more witnesses, the less chance that someone will help before the arrival of doctors and rescuers.However, to overcome the fear and uncertainty in the forces is easier than for many years to regret that you could help someone, but did nothing.

  • Remember that your options are limited

If you see that the psychological state of a person does not improve, wait for the arrival of doctors and psychologists, give it to them, and tell us in what condition you found it, and how he behaved after that.