Camphor and its beneficial properties: a popular, but not safe

Camphor healing properties of camphor have long been known.Camphor oil belongs to the group of drugs, stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the medulla oblongata.In high doses, these drugs can cause seizures, so camphor is not absolutely safe drug.

How and where the camphor tree grows

camphor tree is an evergreen tree up to 50 meters and up to five meters in diameter.The trunk is gnarled, branched, covered with long vertical cracks.The leaves are smooth, waxy, alternate, stalked, lanceolate, with three veins.On leaves numerous translucent dots - drops of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? .The flowers are inconspicuous, small, greenish-yellow, are collected in paniculate inflorescences on a long stalk.Fruits - drupe, purplish-black in color, up to one centimeter in diameter, in appearance like blackberries ripen in November.

In wild-growing form of camphor tree found in southern China, Japan and Taiwan.As a cultivated plant is bred in Africa, South America, Southern Europe, on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

collection and storage of raw materials

From camphor tree extract camphor essential oil.The most common raw materials are old wild trees, as the most essential camphor oil is contained in the lower parts of the tree.The trees are cut down, and then divided into small pieces and ground into a powder, which was distilled in a special apparatus with steam to give camphor.In the future of the camphor oil is obtained crystalline camphor - colorless crystals with a strong smell.This is called dextrorotatory natural camphor.There Counterclockwise synthetic camphor, which is derived from pine oil.

action of camphor on the human body

Camphor is an analeptic agent, ie, stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the brain.When administered subcutaneously in a solution of camphor oil there is stimulation of these centers.Camphor also has a direct effect on the heart muscle, increasing metabolic processes and increasing its sensitivity to the effects of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS - is part of the autonomic nervous system innervates internal organs and blood vessels, which is activated under conditions of stress).Camphor also has a vasoconstrictor effect.Standing out from the body through the respiratory tract, camphor helps sputum.Under the influence of camphor improved respiratory function of the lungs.

Applied camphor solutions for the treatment of acute and chronic heart failure, collapse, respiratory depression with pneumonia and other infectious diseases, poison pills and drugs.

today as cardiovascular and respiratory means camphor is relatively rare, because there are new more efficient analeptics.But as a local irritant and antiseptic it continues to be widely used.So, camphor oil is used for cuts, minor wounds, burns, pustular skin diseases.

camphor essential oil has a special fresh aroma and has a calming effect on the human body.It is inhaled with nervousness, sleep disturbances, irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , depression.

Drugs of camphor

The pharmacy you can buy the following drugs camphor:

  • 20% solution of camphor in oil in capsules;administered subcutaneously prior to administration to warm oil is desirable;use in cardiac and respiratory failure;the introduction of this drug is contraindicated in epilepsy and tendency to convulsive reactions;
  • 10% camphor oil for external use;is used externally for arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and so on;when topically applied drugs camphor are irritating and somewhat antiseptiseskoe action;
  • camphor dissolved in paraffin oil - ear drops, anti-inflammatory and warming effect, used in inflammation of the middle ear;
  • camphor ointment;External applied to the friction with muscular aches and pains in the joints;
  • Alcohol camphor - is used topically to the friction and the prevention of pressure sores;
  • kamfotsin - Liniment, having in its composition of camphor oil, salicylic acid, castor oil and tincture of cayenne pepper;It is used for rubbing against rheumatism and inflammation of the joints Inflammation of the joints - how to relieve the pain? Inflammation of the joints - how to relieve the pain? ;
  • dental drops "Dent" - contain camphor and chloral hydrate anesthetic, used to soothe toothaches toothache - is not itself held Toothache - by itself will not work ;
  • homeopathic medicine Camphor is used for seizures, and as a sedative Helps to overcome.

Camphor will still be one of the most popular drugs.

Galina Romanenko