Logical-sensory introvert - Inspector, Maxim Gorky

Logical sensory introvert Logical-sensory introvert associated with the Inspector and Maxim Gorky.These are people who have a clear "black and white" view of life, without distinguishing between its various shades.Correctness, pryadok, streamlined way of life they are in the first place.They know how to work and achieve their goals.

Strengths - logic and the ability to bring it started to end

Logical-sensory introvert - Inspector is a man who likes order in everything.All his actions he is planning in advance.Positive as inspectors are able to work and bring it started to end.

order in everything, from work to personal relationships and feelings most vividly describes the Inspector.Can not tolerate slackness, nesobrannosti and non-moral norms.If necessary, ready to teach others the power to order.

Positive quality is efficiency and high demands on the quality of the work performed, both in relation to others and to themselves.

Appreciates bosses can submit and work "under the leadership".But he requires unquestioning fulfillment of their orders, and good performance from subordinates.Able to clearly organize the work of a small group, assign responsibilities, and monitoring work.It can act very strongly.

In his personal life is reliable, propensity for stable relations, so it can be the perfect family man.But he and the house can not tolerate violations of the order.About family care, but without showing emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , just trying to surround them with maximum comfort.

completely devoid of fantasy, firmly on the ground, planning their lives and the lives of others.Brings up close, teaching them "correct" behavior.It copes well with any complex operation requiring attention and punctuality.It can work as an accountant, mechanic, surgeon, successfully manages a small team.Personal gain it usually does not involve, however, it aspires to power, but not for a career, but in order to put things in order, to make the world a good and predictable.

Outwardly always collected, smart, neat and tasteful (but without the pretentiousness) dressed.He likes to surround himself with beautiful things expensive.Inspires confidence in others, it radiates reliability.

Weaknesses - lack of intuition, uncompromising and a tendency to dictate

inspectors poorly developed intuition that does not allow him to understand people - the inner world of another person for him a mystery.This plan makes it all their activities, fear of others and are often applied to him coercion.In some cases it is useful, but if the power of such a person becomes uncontrollable, it can turn into a totalitarian.

Since the world that surrounds the Inspector seems to him in black and white, with no shades, he is inclined to impose the power of moral rules, and to inspire others truths.At the same time the authority of superiors for him is so indisputable that he does not notice his mistakes and blunders.Such servility sometimes borders on adulation, but differs from the latter in that the Inspector sincerely believes in the infallibility of the chief.

desire to make everything and everyone as best as possible in accordance with existing standards in his world can lead to conflicts, both at work and at home.Here Inspector usually never goes compromise, which leads to hostility and misunderstanding on the part of others.He persisted in doing good to people, teaching, instructing, forcing and controlling their activities.

The marriage may also be overly picky spouse to fulfill their duties, with truly believes that doing good.If a loved one does not understand him and offended, the Inspector did not react to it and hard bends the line.This can lead to the destruction of marriage.Moreover, the initiative usually comes not from the inspector, and from his wife and is often an unpleasant surprise for him.

Most often closed, poorly converges with people, because they do not understand them, nobody reveals his inner world - it is difficult to reach.This further exacerbates the misunderstanding between him and other people.However, he likes fun entertainment, outdoor recreation and unconsciously attracted to bright, creative people who are able to make in his life, and a variety of emotions.

Logical-sensory introvert introvert - not breaketh himself Introvert - not breaketh himself - a man capable of a lot and systematically work to achieve their goals, to take care of loved ones.But he is uncompromising and inclined to impose "order" by force.

Galina Romanenko