How to avenge the betrayal and whether to do it?

As revenge for treason The majority of those who claim that comfortable with the change, telling the whole story: the infidelity of a loved one - it is always painful.Deceived wife feels betrayed, feels inadequate and painfully ponders how to avenge the betrayal to her boyfriend felt the same pain, but she was.Similar feelings experienced and deceived spouse.


Cold calculation

The first thing to do - to calm down.Temper can crap a lot of foolish acts, for which in the best case will then be ashamed.At worst, the hapless avenger face criminal punishment.So hurry in any case not worth it: to begin to think everything through.

wonder that men seldom think about how to take revenge on the treacherous lover.They either forgive or (which happens more often) completely sever relations.There are those who for years reproaches unfaithful spouse, but the place itself is not usually the case comes.Women are more bloodthirsty: they dream of severe punishment for wrong.

Ideally, better, of course, opt out of ideas for revenge.Just get up and leave in silence, leaving the apostate bite your elbows.It would seem that this is the easiest way to solve a problem.However, not every woman is ready so instantly react and break off relations.Much more attractive it seems a good idea to first traitor to torture, to punish him, to continue to teach it to change, and then forgive.

History does, how effective such educational measures.Perhaps some men really poosteregutsya later change his beloved, so as not to lose it forever.But others will not reflect on cause-effect relationships, but simply feel that they are properly changed so harmful and foolish person.

However, even if adultery does not help to influence behavior change, it will be useful at least that will give an opportunity to "let off steam" and calm down.It is interesting that, according to psychologists, to achieve this effect is not even necessarily take revenge - just to dream of revenge.If you want to be sure to act, you should all be carefully considered.


Method one: to change in response

«An eye for an eye" - the oldest female way of revenge, although men can take revenge in this way.But to call the betrayal of revenge good idea difficult.Typically, such betrayal does not bring any pleasure avenger.On the contrary, there is a feeling of disgust.It turns out unfairly: woman punishes not a traitor, and herself.If the link on the side would be a pleasant, high risk of falling in love in a hurry to choose a partner and as a result buy many new problems.Men, too, are rarely satisfied with this method of revenge.

Invalid partner can not recognize his guilt and offended and leave, knowing that he, too, have changed.Of course, it can not change its reporting, but then the moral satisfaction of revenge will be far less.In addition, there is always the possibility that secret revealed.


Method two: minor mischief

People can be very creative in their quest to spoil the life of the beloved man recently.Among the most popular mischief can be distinguished:

  • pour coffee laxative;
  • Lost TV remote;
  • «accidental" damage a laptop or expensive gadget;
  • pour sugar into the gas tank of the machine;
  • use toothbrush Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing unfaithful husband to clean cat litter;
  • use of expensive creams wife for cleaning footwear;
  • Classifieds contacts with the offender on a dating site for people with different sexual orientation;
  • raw egg introduced with a syringe under the upholstery of the chair in his or her car;
  • Little shrimp, accidentally forgotten somewhere on the cornices, and much, much more.

Most often so "fun" ladies.All of these actions allow somehow occupy and distract himself from the pain.A significant drawback of minor mischief that this way of revenge does not bring satisfaction for a long time.Is it possible to compare the pain of betrayal and anger due to a missing remote control from the TV?It's just a lack of respect their feelings.

Note that minor mischief does not help to improve relations.A rare man will suffer for a long time such behavior girlfriend or wife.Start scandals, and a reproach, "You cheated on me!", The deceiver will always be able to provide a list of their grievances.


Method three: pretend to be happy (happy)

Changed?Eka wonder!And cheated partner is not in a hurry to tear his hair and tears to irrigate shoes apostate: he quietly going about their business, something absently humming.From it emanates such peace and serenity so that necessarily reflects a liar: and therefore whether it is for her anything?

This method of revenge, too, have their drawbacks.Change a woman certainly reveal fraud.I love a man can simply not notice a happy kind of wife.He can be delighted that his actions go unpunished and continue in the same spirit in the future.Finally, it can be offended and go to his mistress forever.

In addition, for such pretense is truly needed nerves of steel and good acting skills.Otherwise, the whole game will look helpless and sorry - the mountain in the eyes of the deceived partner will desperately discordant with his happy way.


Method four: to do with their lives

Of course, this method is the most reliable and efficient.First, do not have to stoop plotting traitor: life itself will punish him, and eventually he will realize that he lost his happiness.Second, this approach is more constructive: it deceived partner actions are intended to create, to build their lives, and not something to destroy the life of the beloved.

And let revenge may have to wait a few years - the dream of the moment when the apostate realizes his mistake, let endure any test.And it is likely that over time do not have to put absolutely no effort to demonstrate their indifference to the man who once struck offense: it will be completely indifferent sincere.For such a result is to work on building their own happy life.

Maria Bykov