Psychoprophylaxis disease - can be carried out independently

psychoprophylaxis disease Mental abilities of a person is not yet fully understood.But even the ancients knew that the mind power over everything.Everyone, if he is really interested in this, can independently get rid of any disease, including cancer.Will this method of self-regulation.

conscious and subconscious - what is the difference

Human consciousness is accustomed to assess everything that surrounds it, and the subconscious mind accepts commands only, not assessing them as the job of regulation of the internal organs and systems.The subconscious mind never rests, while it is ready to accept any statement that consciousness is for him to miss, but the latter suffereth the subconscious is very little information.In order to break through to the subconscious mind and fill it with certain information necessary to blunt the vigilance or euthanize (as happens, for example, during a session of hypnosis) consciousness.

established that repetitive persistent thoughts of a man somehow reflects on the state of his internal organs and systems.If a person is sure that he was sick, then he does after a while it will develop a disease of the body, of which he thought.

And if on the contrary, think that you are healthy, then the recovery will come?It is unlikely, the fact that our consciousness critical approach to this idea, if it is convinced of the opposite.But there is a solution: it is necessary to arouse the vigilance of consciousness and to introduce a new idea into the subconscious - it will take this idea for granted.And it is the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal organs.But how?

relaxes the muscles - the gravity of the whole body

First of all, you must learn to relax.To do this, lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and imagine how relaxed your muscles, starting with the muscles of the face - forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.Then go to relax muscles in the arms - imagine how relaxed hands, they are heavy - it is difficult to move the fingers, then relax the muscles of the hands, they also grow heavy.All exactly the same with the muscles of the legs.

To muscle relaxation happen, first try to drastically strain a particular muscle, and then relax, then the effect will be noticeable relaxation.Over time you can learn to relax the muscles very quickly.You will see a nice heaviness throughout the body.

And another secret: the relaxation of the muscles should be held to the rhythm of breathing (to pronounce the phrase mental exhale): inhale, exhale - relax the muscles of the forehead, inhale, exhale - relax the muscles of the cheeks and so on.

dilates blood vessels - a rush of heat

When the body becomes heavy, begins to cause a rush of heat.Held all likewise, but only from the hands, feet, and then turn on the surge of heat to the solar plexus, which is located in the epigastric region.Says: "My hands are warming, they are warm, very warm, hot."All phrases are talking thoughts as you exhale.

Once you have felt the heat in the solar plexus, imagine that it directs heat to one or the other body and that body warmer, comes to life and begins to function as it should.

feeling of warmth in the head is not called - it is dangerous because it can cause headaches Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications or even damage to the blood vessels of the brain, if they have a wall of any wrongdoing.

entering information into the subconscious

When the body is relaxed, hands and feet are warm, have dulled the vigilance of consciousness.Consciousness as if asleep, without paying attention to the fact that the subconscious mind without his knowledge introduced some information.

To during a session of self-regulation to enter some information into the subconscious, it is necessary in advance to prepare phrases that are spoken.These phrases should only be in the affirmative: "My liver is healthy, it is properly functioning and clean my body of toxins."Wrong: "I am not sick with hepatitis."

Introduction phrases should be combined with visualization - mental image of an organ.Can you imagine how to operate the cell of the body, as the output from the liver bile ducts bile entering the gallbladder Gall bladder: structure and function Gall bladder: structure and function .

All phrases mental blab to the rhythm of breathing.

How often should sessions of self

First sessions of self-regulation should be done every day, preferably before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .When learn quickly cause a state of relaxation and warmth, these sessions can be held less frequently, once or twice a week.

They can be used not only for the regulation of the internal organs, but also to relieve stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , emotional stress, to improve performance, the tide of fresh energy and so on.

Our brain - is an amazing device, the action of which has not been studied.But even today it is possible to use with what we have endowed nature, and restore their health on their own.This is psychoprophylaxis diseases.

Galina Romanenko