Patchouli: Wizard Oil for your body

patchouli in modern cosmetics and perfumes used a great variety of different components, without which the products of famous companies would be less demand and fragrant.It was so amazing world owes substances essential songs, loved by many people, as well as a therapeutic effect.Patchouli - is one of such substances.Often using his hearing its aroma, nobody thinks about its history, as well as the impact has on the body.So what is Patchouli?

history patchouli

Many reading part of fragrant composition, do not imagine that patchouli - is a herbaceous shrub up to a meter, grows for centuries in what is now Malaysia.In Eastern medicine it was used as the strongest antiseptic and excellent stimulant.In India, extracts of patchouli are still included in many medications that are designed to heal from a snake bite and as a means of deterring moles when transporting expensive fabrics.Arab healers used patchouli oil as an antipyretic for fever.The place of his growth and the distance from the caravan routes, contributed to its miraculous properties found in Europe only in the XIX century, when merchants brought bales of fabrics, subtle fragrance from a distance.Patchouli has a characteristic smell: earthy shade with elements of moisture, which has a repellent effect for insects.

In Europe, the XIX century widely developed and patchouli perfume, apparently caught the "nose" of one of the perfumers.For example, extract from the leaves of this fragrant shrub was used for the preparation of flavors.This one time, he was so popular in Europe that there was a legend.It spoke of miraculous abilities patchouli attract male attention.That is why the great ladies ordered patchouli scented water and irrigated it himself, clothes and boudoirs.

Using patchouli

In the XXI century the aroma of patchouli is responsible for sharpness and warm plume in chypre fragrances and successfully used in both the women's and the men's perfumes.Spirits having composed of patchouli, acquire refined oriental scent.Patchouli is clearly heard in such perfumes as: «Miss Dior Cherie» by Dior, «Chanel №5» by Chanel, as well as «Shalimar» from Guerlain.

It is still used in alternative medicine for the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema Eczema - barely treatable Eczema - is difficult to treat and athlete.Small skin injuries and cuts heal faster if pachulevoe add cream the butter and gently lubricate injured place.

patchouli is used in cosmetology for natural lifting effect.The skin after the procedure becomes smooth and elastic.Thanks to oil refreshing effect and the ability to open clogged pores of the skin fat, it becomes soft and velvety.

addition patchouli oil - a mandatory component of all kinds of creams and pills for weight loss.The fact is that it has the ability to reduce appetite and excrete various toxins and excess water, which is basic for the drop weight.In addition, the extract patchouli facilitates skin respiration and metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting .A prisoner in a tube of cream, patchouli becomes an excellent means of combating Celite.

Patchouli oil is recommended to use oil burner Aroma - create an atmosphere of Aroma - create an atmosphere .Especially when it is organizing a romantic rendezvous, because it does not just help tune in, but also is a great stimulator of sexual activity for both sexes.The latter quality is successfully used in aromatherapy to correct sexual disorders of functional nature, and therapists use in their sessions, the aroma of patchouli in the treatment of various depressive conditions, fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience .

used it at home therapy: five to six drops of patchouli oil to a warm bath and, according to consumers, it relieves fatigue as a hand.In addition, for the disinfection of the premises, you can add a few drops in a bucket of water prior to wet cleaning.Constant use of patchouli not only lift your spirits and purify the room, but also expel all moles of the cabinets.

use of patchouli oil has contraindications.Since the essential substance found in the leaves of plants, is a powerful stimulant of muscle activity, it in no case can not be used during pregnancy and serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Galina Yampol'skaya