Psychoprophylaxis and Mental Hygiene - protection from stress and severe neuropsychiatric loads

psychoprophylaxis Psychohygiene impact of social, biological and environmental factors on the mental state of a person is difficult to overestimate.In our time, we developed a variety of techniques prevent the transition beginning (boundary) conditions expressed in pathology, to help people who find themselves in extreme conditions, work with high neuro-mental load and so on.

What psychoprophylaxis and Mental Hygiene

Psychoprophylaxis - a section of the general prevention, which includes a set of activities that provide mental health, prevention of occurrence and distribution of mental disorders, their transition into the chronic form, as well as the rehabilitation of the mentally ill.The main aim is to prevent psychoprophylaxis mental disorders.

Psychohygiene - a branch of general hygiene, whose task is to study the effect of environmental (natural and social) environment on the mental state of the person, the development and implementation of activities related to the preservation and enhancement of a normal mental state.The main goal of mental health organization is adequate natural and social environment for the maintenance of mental health.

Psychoprophylaxis and Mental Hygiene are two types of the same activities, but for convenience, from a practical point of view of their tasks are divided into two separate parts.These concepts can delineate only relatively, as the preservation and strengthening of normal mental state of the person is not possible without the prevention of mental illness.

main problems psychoprophylaxis

Neuropsychiatric diseases in most cases closely linked with the effects of the social environment.Even mental illness who have hereditary, appear differently in different social contexts, and sometimes not in any way appear.

Particularly severe social conditions include war, economic crises, bankruptcy, low culture, excessive requirements that apply to the person at work or to the child at school.Matter and various abuse (alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs), as well as diseases such as syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus , tuberculosis Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed , different sexual perversions, etc..

Modern society places high demands on the state of mental health.The nervous resistance to various influences is today one of the basic requirements for employment, especially related to the neuro-mental load.

All this creates prerequisites for the development of neurosis and mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? .But the man - it is a social being and it has unlimited possibilities for adaptation of society.One of the objectives is to assist psychoprophylaxis person in social adaptation.

main mental health problems

main problems of mental health are negative effects of natural and social environment on man.The objective is to maximize the elimination of mental health such influences.For psychohygienic activities embeddable in various spheres of human activity, and to significantly improve performance of its activities, including labor productivity.

great importance is the psychological climate in the team, creating a comfortable environment for employees, various types of neuro-psychiatric discharges, reducing injuries at work.

psychogenic as a result of the impact of the environment on human

Mental stress and stress - a major cause of mental health.Under the impact of trauma and severe neuropsychiatric psychogenic stress may develop, which are divided into neurosis and reactive psychoses.

Neurosis - is a functional disorder of the central nervous system, which is a change in external conditions and after treatment can be completely cured.In neurosis person understands what is happening to him, but to overcome this state can not.At the same time long-term course of neurosis significantly reduces the efficiency and quality of life.Neuroses require changes in the external environment, and sometimes long-term treatment with the use of psychotherapeutic techniques in the outpatient setting.

reactive psychosis - a temporary, reversible mental disorders Mental Disorders - when life is not a pleasant Mental Disorders - when life is fun , resulting from severe stress.In psychosis, people did not understand what was happening to him, as this condition is often accompanied by various changes of consciousness, delusions and hallucinations.These states are completely "knock out" a person of social protection and be treated in the hospital with the use of psychotropic drugs.

Psychohygiene and psychoprophylaxis - this branch of medicine, whose main task - creating conditions that prevent mental illness and rehabilitation of the mentally ill.

Galina Romanenko