How to choose a husband to get happy marriage?

How to choose a husband Choosing a life partner has always been a serious problem.And although modern women can afford to marry many times, no one wants to make the extra error.Therefore, the question of how to choose a husband to further not regret this choice remains open.What should I look for when choosing a spouse?


heady feeling of love

Almost all the girls want to marry for love.Of course, love - a wonderful feeling that can highlight a boring routine with new colors and fill life with meaning.And, of course, love is necessarily necessary for a happy married life.Yet one love is not enough.

Marriages built on love alone, short-lived and, oddly enough, is not particularly happy.Much more important is the compatibility of the couple and their capacity for understanding.And in order to determine whether such compatibility should look closely at the potential husband, throwing at the time of disturbing emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .


parent family

No wonder parents are at all times looking for husbands for their daughters of good families.Habits and character traits of adults are usually from childhood.And if the family of origin were adopted disrespect, it is unlikely that a man will respect the wife - he just was not used to this kind of relationship.If the parents of the husband in the family thrive dependent relationship, it is not excluded, who he will strive to the same way of life and his family.And if the parents give the impression of a potential spouse cold and detached people are unlikely to have to wait on the man warm-heartedness.

Of course, children do not always repeat the fate of their parents.The nature of man is influenced by not only the mother and father, but other relatives as well as strangers.And yet, to the relationship of parents of the future spouse should look more closely.

In addition, should pay attention to the ratio of men to children - for example to the younger brothers and sisters, nephews.Caring and friendly attitude to children - a sign that your offspring will be treated as such a man.

It is worth to know about the health of relatives of a potential husband.Perhaps the family have any medical conditions that may lead to the fact that children will be born unhealthy marriage.Particular attention should be paid to mental disorders: Of course, this topic is taboo in most families, but some hints in the conversation may slip.Of course, the health of the relatives of the future wife - not a reason to leave immediately, but may have to make some adjustments to their dream of a life together.



choosing a spouse should look closely not only to him but also to themselves.With a suitable male female blooms: it is completely satisfied with their lives and not worry about the future.

If the spouses have common views, common goals and similar priorities in life, marriage will certainly be happy.It is much better to marry the right person, than to spend years in the search for a compromise on matters of principle.Even before marriage, it would be good to find out what a man dreams of and what he does for his dreams.As he imagines family life?How he plans to rest?As it relates to children?What do you expect from a wife?What behavior considers it appropriate in any given situation?The list of questions can be very long, but they allow you to get to know the person.

can not be silent about sexual compatibility Sexual compatibility: how to find your soul mate? Sexual compatibility: how to find your soul mate? .As a rule, this incompatibility in sex is extremely rare.In most situations, partners can learn to take each other pleasure, be careful and if you are patient.But is there such a desire in a lover?Is he ready to make an effort to please the favorite?And maybe, in this area everything is so perfect that it is better and can not be?


attitude to money

According to statistics, a different attitude to money - the cause of more than a third of divorces.Stingy woman is unlikely to find a common language with spendthrift, and vice versa, wasteful woman would not be happy with the hog.It is better if the couple will complement each other with regard to money.

preferably before marriage about to imagine how the couple will decide money issues.Will the general budget or separate?Who will be responsible for a rational waste of money?Whose will be the last word, if there are differences relating to financial matters?What expenses will be considered necessary, and what can be saved?Answers to all these questions better get before you hear Mendelssohn's march.


Unsuitable options

There are several types of men with whom relations can not be happy.And especially, do not join with them in marriage, unless, of course, do not want to regret in the future of its choice.These types of men:

  • dependence.The future husband does not know the measures in alcohol?Or, even worse, drug-free life is not it nice?Or, it can not pull from the card table?In this situation, the marriage can not be considered.Moreover, it is better to leave immediately.Some women naively believe that they will turn away their warmth lover of booze, drugs and games, but this is just a very common illusion.Dependencies are incurable, and remission is possible only if he is very dependent aspires to it;
  • psychopath.This person is able to fall into a rage because of any nonsense.It is unpredictable and terrible anger.Then he can apologize and beg forgiveness, but is repeated again and again.Prognosis is poor, marriage is better not to join;
  • Womanizer.He is indifferent to the female sex?Constantly he talks about his success with girls and manages to ogle charmer, even kissing the bride?One can hardly count on his loyalty.Those who appreciate a relationship of trust, it is better to find a more permanent gentleman.

Maria Bykov