Psychoprophylaxis stress - the ability to manage their emotions

psychoprophylaxis stress stress prevention are now a mandatory element of effective employment rights.It is recognized not only ordinary employees, but also their heads.Today more and more managers are listening to the advice of psychologists to improve the stress of employees.

What is stress and how it is formed

Stress - a condition that occurs under the influence of very strong or pathological stimuli and leads to non-specific stress adaptation mechanisms in the human body.When stress adaptation syndrome develops, which has three stages: the alarm and mobilize the forces of the organism, resistance stage and exhaustion stage.The last step is developing at a very strong or not very strong, but the duration of exposure, while the syndrome becomes pathological.

main stress hormone adrenaline is considered, under its influence there is an instantaneous contraction of blood vessels, increased blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? , increased heart rate and respiratory movements - that is, the body enters a state of alert, which is conventionally called the "fight or flight".

During the stage of resistance organism acquires resistance to a particular exposure - this stage is provided gklyukokortikoidnyh release of adrenal hormones.If you stop at this stage of stress, it will bring benefits to the body, but the third, the stage - exhaustion can cause harm to the body, having exhausted its possibilities of adaptation, and cause a number of diseases.

Causes of stress can be very different.This trauma, burns, any other strong impact, as well as emotional stress, which are today very important.Occurrence and nature of emotional stress depends on the reactivity of hereditary characteristics (stability with respect to various effects) of the organism, the age, previously carried impacts and so on.Constant stress is formed in people such qualities as indecision, anxiety, indifference to work, increased exhaustion and so on.

In order to prevent the development of the final destructive phase of stress - depletion of the different methods used today psychoprophylaxis stress.

How is psychoprophylaxis stress

psychoprophylaxis stress today is often called the "stress - management", that is, stress management Stress Management: everything under control Stress Management: everything under control .Techniques included in this system, allow us to establish the causes of stress, to apply different ways of removing the emotional stress to prevent the development stage of exhaustion.

First you need to remove the source of trauma in the external environment and the inner world of man.To restore emotional balance used a variety of techniques.However, for the prevention of stress are most suitable methods of self-regulation methods to properly assess the situation caused by stress and give it an adequate assessment, increase vitality and resistance to various types of stress.All these methods of teaching human psychologist or therapist who conduct psychological training, teaching methods of self-regulation.Classes are held individually with each and in groups.

Such exercises lead to an increase in the speed and quality of work, its stability and reliability, improve the mental and physical health, a drastic reduction in the number of sick leaves.That is why the leaders of today, listen to the views of psychologists on various issues related to the work of the collective.

Psychoprophylaxis stress should take into account the characteristics of each specific situation and professional groups, and to apply the most appropriate means to resolve the situation.It is only by a specialist as life situations may be very diverse and solve them using a certain technique is almost impossible.

great importance in this work is the study of a case by case situation, stress the team as a whole and each of its members individually.

Self-control - what is it?

Self-regulation - is the management of their own emotional state through the power of words, imagery (visualization), muscle relaxation and breath control.This method of stress relief can be applied in all situations that lead to the calming and relieving anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? .With a strong mental self-fatigue method will lead to the full restoration of power.

Self-regulation takes an overvoltage condition, restores vitality, normalizes falling asleep and sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , improves overall performance.

Galina Romanenko