Envy of her friends - the main engine of progress

jealous girlfriends envy friends - the phenomenon is so widespread that many people even consider it imperative female friendship Female friendship - Myth or Reality? Female friendship - Myth or Reality? .Her best friend, which is always in trouble rescued and supported, suddenly darkens if share with her pleasant news?And if you give her an invitation to the wedding, and then disappears from the horizon?Most likely, the reason for her jealousy.


Types envy

accepted that envy is divided into black and white.White - this is not even envy, but a kind of admiration.And besides - a strong incentive to develop.For example, she wants the same shape as that of a friend and goes to the gym.White envy - a rare phenomenon.Normally, the fetus is not jealous of daily effort, and some random and unfair, according to the envious, luck.

much more common black envy.Zavistnits not trying to accomplish the same thing and her friend.She's just trying to achieve this friend negate.Sometimes only in words - "Just think, a career!Any if desired, make a career, but it's still a loser inheritance and real women devote themselves to the family. "And sometimes, in fact - and then the tricky "girlfriend" spreading gossip and plotting that can greatly hinder the career of that which is the object of envy.

How do you know that a friend is jealous?Usually it is immediately noticeable.Instead rejoice the success, she frowns, angry and takes the conversation to another topic.And then he begins to say that these successes very small.Some friends behave differently.They readily agree that the friend has achieved a lot, and in general - well done.And immediately start complaining about your life and yourself.Of course, sympathetic girlfriend immediately begins to persuade itself and already talking about their achievements "nothing special."


What to do with envious

course, faced with envy is always unpleasant.Of course, you can console yourself that not only jealous people, nothing of itself is not, and nothing in life have achieved.But that is little consolation because of the fact that someone has angered and upset other people's success, it is still unpleasant.

In some cases, you can offer assistance envious.For example, if she is jealous of a happy marriage, why not introduce her to someone of your friends?Or at least help make a profile for a dating site?Unfortunately, in most cases, jealous girlfriend something that can only be given initially from nature.No advice will not make your eyes more, and longer legs and advice on make-up can only frustrate even more envious.

can refrain from stories about the achievements of a friend, and instead just cry and complain about life.It would seem, nothing complicated, but it is a risk in such a way at the same time to convince myself that life really is not good.Needless to friendship with this particular girl of such victims?

If she just grows dark, barely zaslyshit about forthcoming marriage or career off of his girlfriend, it is still possible to survive.In most cases, simply do not focus on the events of his life, which are the envy friend.Do not brag, does not boast a single word - to behave politely and not "beat on the patient."

Much worse, if the girlfriend starts talking bad things and talk about injustice (someone all, and someone - no).It is better to stop such talk immediately.Just tell envious, you do not want to discuss this topic.Or willing to accept that the world is unfair, and nothing can be done about it.Aerobatics - posokrushatsya because of the injustice of this life, and admit to envy ... a friend.It is possible that it immediately cease to suffer, knowing that her friend, a happy mother of three children, secretly jealous of her chiseled figure and lush hair.

saddest situation - when she goes into action and begins to spoil the life of a friend.For example, inadvertently "let slip" her boyfriend's infidelity favorite.Or hint authorities that her friend did not deserve promotion.These demarches are usually perceived as a betrayal - and rightly so.Better with such envious immediately break off relations because to be friends with a man capable of meanness, not too wisely.


What do those who feel envy

Everyone knows that envy - a bad feeling.So most people studiously deny that ever experienced such feelings.If you wish, you can convince yourself of anything, including that envy - it's just a keen sense of justice.Yet this should not be done.Dishonesty destroys with a personality.It is better to admit that unpleasant feeling - it is envy.Do not worry, everything is sometimes envious of someone, just to envy it was not destructive.And this should work with their feelings.

first step is to accept the fact that the world is really unfair.All people are different, and the lives of all folded in different ways.There's nothing you can not do: just live their own lives, not paying attention to other people's lives.

It should be remembered that many tend to exaggerate their achievements and to hide the problem - so it may well be that the object of envy is not so happy as it seems.You can try to feel sorry for (of course, only to himself) girlfriend for something - usually envy is incompatible with compassion.

perfect way to get rid of envy How to get rid of envy: work on a How to get rid of envy: work on a - take their own lives and to achieve something significant: if not in the same area as the girlfriend.Of course, grow a foot or find new parents is unlikely to happen, but to get an education, to grow up in the country's largest pub or find a good husband - completely.As a rule, a person who is busy building his own happiness, just once envious.For envy you need a lot of energy, if this energy forward in a different direction, to ensure that envy does not remain and effort.

Maria Bykov