Women's Tricks: How effective are they?

Women Few tricky loves the people with whom you need to constantly be on the alert to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.At the same time, many innocent women trick men are quite nice, even if unravel their meaning.Many women even believe that only cunning and can be obtained from a loved one desired.


difference tricks of manipulation

For many centuries, women were in a subordinate position.They could not pound the table, as the modern lady, and to demand satisfaction of their own interests and have not been able to move away from the men who came not to their liking.All they had to - to cheat, manipulate, and gradually forcing the couple to do so anyway.Having mastered the art of a perfect woman gains power over their husbands, and sometimes not only on them.

By and large, cunning and manipulation - is the same.In any case, a woman makes a man behave in a certain way that is beneficial to her.But when a woman manipulates she thinks only of his own advantage, without taking into account the feelings of the beloved.The trick - a mild effect, which takes into account the interests of both sides.Thus, man is not simply behave as profitable a woman, but also gets pleasure from the process.

Of course, the line between cunning and manipulation is usually quite conventional: it manipulator never recognized that act from selfish motives.And still it can be considered a more effective method of trick effects, because as a result the man does not feel used.



Despite the fact that modern women have the same rights as men, women's tricks on-prezhnemu popular.In most cases, such tricks is much more efficient than direct pressure or outright manipulation.Furthermore, they do not contribute to the deterioration of relations partners.

Can men solve their beloved innocent tricks?Girls are sure that it is absolutely impossible.In fact, men are often well aware of what was going on, but it really pays to behave as he wants their beloved.


common female cunning

Unlike manipulations that are quite standard, tricks can infinitely vary depending on the situation.For example, a girl can carefully choose his favorite jacket in the store only in order to then "for a minute" to go to a nearby department store, which sells coats, and, of course, do not get out of there without buying.But if she's just trying to convince her lover that she needed a coat, he would surely find a lot of counter-arguments.However, care and contented themselves and new acquisition (no doubt she will try to pick the best of him), he was happy to pay for the purchase of fur coats.

Many women pretend to be cold and distant, was extinguished to excite interest in them.If this does not work, the course is "heavy artillery" - attempts to cause jealousy Jealousy and that to do with it Jealousy and what to do with it .This age-old game is very effective.As a result, a man enjoying a hypothetical victory over rival and consciousness of their own uniqueness, and a woman - returned to her interest and a sense of power over their own loved ones.

Another classic technique - imaginary helplessness.Boys are taught that girls - being weak and in need of protection.Although adult men are usually unaware that their beloved is not as weak as it seems (as she managed somehow to survive so many years before meeting him?), Is pleased to help the beautiful ladies.Women are happy to pose as helpless creatures who are unable to buy in the store a pack of butter without dangerous adventures, and as a result deftly shift some of its responsibilities to the man's shoulders.Of course, a brave knight did not go unrewarded: grateful beloved sure to remind him that without his help she would be gone for a long time in this cruel and unjust world full of dangers.

Often female cunning linked to sexuality.Where else can convince creating weak man in the right, not in bed?If the beloved mad with passion, he certainly will not argue if unobtrusively inform him of the planned visit Tiffany's.Or, say, the amount spent on new shoes.Although in the latter case, all individually if tightfisted favorite, the news could shock him so much that there is no sex in the evening it will be gone.


Life without tricks

Many girls find the most effective trick hints.Not everyone can just offer a favorite a hand and heart, but there is hope that the "random" wedding salon visit will push him to to make an offer.But it should be recognized that men are often allusions to deaf.In most cases, they are much more receptive to direct suggestions and requests candid than lengthy stories about, for example, that in front of us for a very reasonable price sells a lovely ring with diamonds.

Some men understand hints, but fundamentally they do not respond.In this case, really better to just ask for what you need.And if you support his request for a reasonable argument, the answer will probably be yes.

many men who had once offended their evil beloved, believe all women cunning and deceitful creatures.Such a man will see the trick, even where it is not.Trying to manipulate this situation - is to risk ratios.Nothing remains but to show him her crystal honesty and frankness of the tricks is to have time abstain.

Maria Bykov