How to cope with excessive sleepiness: restocking vitality

how to cope with sleepiness We are less and less sleep, and then, in order not to fall asleep at work, drink a bottle of energy drink or a cup of espresso.But caffeine to combat sleepiness - a vicious circle.Action of Power runs through eight hours.Caffeine shortens sleep, violates the normal stages of sleep impairs its quality.How to cope with sleepiness?Try resort to practical advice.

1. Stand up and walk

Scientists conducted a study to find out what gives more power: a chocolate bar, or a ten minute walk.Although a bar of chocolate, perhaps assisted rapid rise in energy, study participants, however, felt more tired, and an hour later were not so energetic.After a ten-minute walk enough energy for two hours.This is because when walking your veins, brain and muscles are filled with oxygen.

If you work at a desk, get up frequently to walk a bit.During the lunch break, take a walk to the restaurant, or if you take food with them, get a nice place where you can eat.Will you leave the building or not, does not matter, but the walk will give you a sense of vitality.

2. nap helpful

There are two rules about daytime sleep: it should not be much, and you can not take a nap just before going to sleep at night.Experts believe that daytime sleep duration should be from 5 to 25 minutes.It is better to sleep for 6-7 hours before the main sleep.If you decide to take a nap near the main sleep, reduce the duration of the day.

not very comfortable to doze off at work.If, however, you wanted to sleep on the job, you can do it during the break.Set the alarm, if necessary, so as not to sleep during working hours.Sleeping at your desk - not a good idea, but in many companies, for example, there is a relaxation room for employees.

If you can not sleep during the day can also be helpful to just lie down for ten minutes with his eyes closed.

3. Give your eyes a rest to avoid fatigue

constant concentration of view on a computer screen can bring to eye fatigue, their stress and poor sleep.Periodically a few minutes look away from the screen, to give them a rest.

4. Healthy food gives energy

Sweets provide quick energy, and low blood sugar sugar in the blood - a very important indicator Blood sugar - a very important indicator leads to a slowing of mental activity.For example, here are the products can give you energy:

  • Peanut butter with wheat crackers or celery
  • yogurt and a handful of nuts or fresh fruit
  • Young carrots with low-calorie cheese creamy sauce

5. The conversation will help to wake up

If you fall asleep, try to start a conversation, it activates your brain.Talk to your colleague about the business idea, politics or religion, experts advise.This is a very strong stimulant - especially when it comes to politics.

6. Turn on the lights to relieve fatigue

Dim lighting aggravates fatigue.Studies have shown that bright light can reduce sleepiness and sharpen focus.Try to increase the intensity of the light source in the workplace.

7. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing increases the oxygen level in the blood.This slows down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve circulation, ultimately helping mental activity and giving energy.

idea of ​​deep breathing exercises is to inhale the abdomen, not the chest.You can do them at your desk.Sit up straight, try to repeat ten times:

  • Place one hand on his stomach under the ribs, nose, take a deep breath and exhale sharply, pushing the abdomen hand.But the chest should not move.
  • Breathe out, clasped his lips.The hand on your stomach, you can control the tremors of air.

Another technique designed to stimulate breathing, yoga is used for the rapid rise of energy and sharpens the focus.Inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose, keeping your mouth shut, but relaxed.Take short breaths.Makes about three at once, in a second each.Then breathe normally.You can perform this exercise for up to 15 seconds for the first time, and then add five seconds each time, until you reach the minute.

8. If you are driving, stop sleeping

Driving drowsy is just as dangerous as drunk.Tips to open the windows and turn on loud music for long will keep you from sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .Find a different driver or as a sleep until drowsiness does not go away - so experts recommend.

If you have a long trip, I was driving with another driver.Stop every two hours to walk around and get some fresh air.

9. Changing tasks stimulates thinking

was found that the 12-hour working day in the performance of repetitive work just as harmful as abstaining from sleep.At work or at home, try to set themselves the most urgent tasks to keep from sleep.Or try to switch to more responsible assignments, if you feel sleepy.

10. Water helps resist fatigue

Dehydration leads to fatigue.Make sure you consume plenty of fluids and food with high water content such as fruits and vegetables.

11. Daylight regulates sleep cycles

Our rhythms that regulate the sleep cycle, are influenced by daylight.Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day outside in natural sunlight.(Experts recommend one o'clock morning sunlight a day, if you suffer from insomnia.) Even a breath of fresh air will bring you to life.

12. Exercise increases energy and relieve fatigue

Analyzing 70 studies involving 6,800 people, the researchers found that exercise myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe more effective for increasing energyand reducing fatigue than some medications that people are used to treat sleep problems.Regular exercises also improves the quality of sleep.

Try to exercise for 30 minutes a day.If you decide to work out hard, your energy levels may be reduced for a while, and then rise for a few hours.Consumption of food, which contains protein and carbohydrates, for two hours after exercise, reduce the loss of the original energy.Be sure to finish the workout a few hours before bedtime, so you will not stay in the excited state, when you're trying to sleep.

visit to the doctor for sleepiness

If you notice that suffer from severe sleepiness, while the need to be careful, consult your doctor or a specialist in sleep disorders.You may have a sleep disorder Violation of sleep - severe consequences of the usual disorders Violation of sleep - severe consequences of the usual disorders , based on excessive sleepiness or narcolepsy, which can be cured.Your doctor may prescribe medication to help deal with sleep disorders.If you have trouble getting to sleep due to stress or other factors, cognitive behavioral therapy can help restore healthy sleep and get rid of sleep disorders.