How to find the man of her dreams: in search of the Prince

how to find the man of her dreams How to find the man of her dreams?This issue is concerned, probably, almost all single women, regardless of their age and experience.Dreams over the years may change, but the desire to find a hero of their dreams remains.It remains only to determine whether there is such a man in reality and where you can meet with him to the acquaintance took place.



dream to find the man of your dreams, you need to be at least approximately, what the qualities he must possess.Most girls can not clearly say what they want from the future lover.Of course, it must be beautiful.Of course, good.Generous, as without it.Smart, active, understanding, powerful, principled, responsive ... the list could go on indefinitely.

to get started is to give even an approximate image of a man of dreams.We should not focus on the exterior, but the necessary character traits necessary to identify.It is not necessary to create an image of the ideal man, endowed with all the possible advantages.Just choose three, maximum five most important traits.Other qualities a man dreams, of course, may also have, but this is optional.

It is worth thinking about the shortcomings.It is regrettable, but people without such does not exist.This means that one should decide for themselves what shortcomings are unacceptable, and with which it is possible to accept (subject to availability of tangible advantages).It should come from their own peculiarities.For example, if a girl fisted, she was not upset little gentleman rather niggardly, but absolutely not fit spender.A lover of parties and celebrations will be bored with a homebody, and the other girl thinks love for home entertainment great dignity.

course, there are men with whom it is better not to contact anyone.It alcoholics, drug addicts and other dependent people;scams that a woman primarily interested in her purse;domestic tyrants;psychopaths who behave inappropriately, as well as some other categories of men.It is advisable to recognize these people as soon as possible, that in no case does not have time to fall in love with them: this love will not bring happiness to anyone.



When the image of the ideal man acquire some specific features, you can start the search.To some extent the habitat may depend on the characteristics of the character is a man of dreams.For example, if it is to be active and sporty, why not go in search of a fitness club?Intellectuals better to look at scientific conferences.Creative personality - art exhibitions and concerts.Lovers of fishing - in stores that sell fishing gear.

accepted that men should look for in their places of accumulation - in the stands of the stadium during a football match in hunting shops and luxury car dealerships.Not be discounted and a more modern place dating, for example, a party flirting Flirt ten amazing facts Flirting: Ten amazing facts and Internet sites.A significant advantage of these options - the belief that men are really interested in getting acquainted.This means that the probability of failure is greatly reduced.It is possible that among the many singles, tied in such a way will be a man of dreams.And perhaps it will be possible to find friends who, in turn, meet their friends, among whom it may also be that same elusive ideal.

not a bad idea - to look for a life partner in the canine area.Suddenly there walks his pet idle and extremely attractive man?Of course, you should not start a puppy just for the sake of it, but if the dog is already there, why not use it to engage with new people?Pet owners are usually very easy to get to know, and they always have a topic of conversation.

Those who can not stand dogs, do not lose heart: men can be found in other places.For example, in a cafe near the business centers, which run up to the lunchtime snack employees.Suit and bars, where single men often come to miss a mug or two of beer.Although the bars and not the best place for dating, the main thing - to choose the right object.


How to meet

most daring can just come up and give his name.Still, most women prefer a passive role.If a man is free, and set at the relationship, it is likely that he will come to you like a girl.The chances of familiarity can be increased by using the techniques of coquetry, old as the world.

to attract men should dress ponaryadnee, but do not forget the sense of proportion.It is quite a colorful and eye-catching details.It is important that this detail was quite remarkable - not every man is able to assess the luxury earrings, but spicy cutout on the dress will notice almost everything.The created image should be attractive, but not vulgar.

main weapon of women around the time of a smile.Smiling man dreams, you can gently inform him of his sympathy, and it is likely that he will take the initiative in their hands.Here will be useful and other women's tricks, "shooting eye" shaking hair, compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words .It should behave kindly and confidently, without scaring "victim" aggressive behavior.

While dating is gently find out whether this is representative of a particular tribe male man dreams.Of course, it is not necessary to arrange his interrogation, but carefully listening to stories about the man himself, can learn a great deal about it.As a rule, men tend to show their best and show off their dignity even when we first met.With shortcomings things more complicated: they usually do not advertise one.But as is known, flaws - the continuation of advantages.So, if the gentleman touts his sociability, it is possible that he is a ladies' man, and if praises his love for a quiet family life - perhaps over time it can not be torn away from your favorite couch and TV.

Maria Bykov