How to cope with stress after the birth of a child: do not panic!

how to cope with stress after birth you bring home a bundle of lace and relish the joys of motherhood.However, the reality is very different from the expectations.Many mothers may develop a serious stress due to the fact that they need to constantly take care of the baby, and do not have time to deal with the changes in currently.Following are some tips you can avoid these problems and to cope with the already existing stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .

Take care of yourself

Care is necessary not only for the child but also about yourself.You need to eat, drink and sleep.Council sounds obvious, but quite easy to forget about yourself when all your attention focused on the child.Keep water handy and useful food for snacks, such as apples or carrots.

If the husband or relatives willing to help you get up to the child at night by turns - and you will see what miracles can create a few hours of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

Be prepared for a storm of emotions

If this is your first child, everything will be new to you.You may feel that life is out of control and everything has changed with the advent of the child.

  • Be prepared for the fact that parenting has ups and downs.There are days when everything goes well and days that seem to you a nightmare.Accordingly, your reaction to the circumstances may also be different.
  • Be prepared for mood swings Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? - you can be touched, looking at the tiny pink fingers, and a minute later to cry because you can not leave home without the two hour fees.All mothers are going through it.

Lower your requirements

you want to be superwoman - a perfect housewife and a loving mother and wife at the same time?Think you really need it?

not nothing terrible will happen if you do not vacuum or wash today, and tomorrow, and there's nothing wrong with that, if you do without culinary delights for lunch.The child does not need a superwoman, he needs just the love, care and attention.And this is more important than dust or dirty laundry.

leave home

Nothing helps a tired mom, like fresh air.Walk with your child as often as possible.If possible, go to visit or sign up for yoga for mothers with children.

Know when to ask for help

Sometimes emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code may be still too strong.If you feel that it is time to ask for help - in any case, do not put it off.Seek the advice of a psychologist or other expert.

The longer you remain in a state of stress, the more likely that you will create unfavorable conditions for the child.