Why am I so tired: possible causes of fatigue

causes of fatigue morning you have promised myself that after work went straight to the gym.But by the end of the day you were so exhausted that they could only think about how to be more likely to fall on the couch with the TV remote control in hand.Why are you always so tired?Maybe you just do not get enough sleep, or something is wrong with your health?

Chronic fatigue - is one of the most common complaints that people express their doctors.They do it in different ways.Someone said that he was tired, someone complains about fatigue, and some say they simply can not do what they should.

If you always feel exhausted, it has plenty of medical reasons, which we will discuss later.You might ask yourself the question, is not too much you work.But very often the answer is the direct opposite: you work enough.

Treatment fatigue: exercise

Doctors say that the most important cause of fatigue these days - it is a modern way of life.Overweight, fast food and lack of exercise.

Here are three key lifestyle changes that can dramatically change your energy levels, according to doctors:

  • what you eat.Do not attempt to quickly raise the energy level by using caffeine and sugar;it will only make you even more tired when blood sugar blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health changes dramatically.Instead, eat a balanced, healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.Most people feel less tired, if properly fed.Healthy eating also means that you will weigh less, and obesity - a major cause of fatigue.
  • How you sleep.About 60% of women said that they get enough sleep only a few times a week.To sleep better, avoid caffeine and alcohol right before bedtime.The place where you sleep should be quiet and calm.
  • How you exercise.This - the key point.The best recipe for the usual fatigue, which can be compared with fatigue from working in the garden - a regular vigorous exercise.Do the exercises not later than three hours before bedtime.

Is exercise does not have to bore us, instead of doing more energetic?The fact that the energy level of exercise increases.Almost all of the studies that have addressed this issue and found the same thing: people leading a sedentary lifestyle, start watching and feeling less tired than people who continue to lie on the couch.Besides exercise often increase energy levels even more than medicine.

What is the recipe?How much you need to exercise, how often, and how long before you start to notice that not so tiring?Experts recommend to be engaged for 40 minutes at least four times a week.

As soon as you notice the results?You took a while to feel exhausted, and you will not feel better the next day.You need to wait at least a month.During this time you'll need to feel at least some improvement.Work out three to six months, and you will begin to feel much better.

If you perform the exercises recommended at least a month, and get enough sleep, and will still feel bad, look for other causes.

What else could be wrong?

Chronic fatigue is associated with many different health problems.How to find out which of them can be the cause of your condition?

The short answer is: you can not say that.For this you need a doctor.

Here are some basic assumptions:

  • Anemia.This is a very common cause of fatigue, which is very easily detected by routine blood test.In particular, it is a problem of women, particularly those whose heavy menstruation.You can treat anemia using iron-rich diet, meat and green leafy vegetables, or special supplements, if you have a chronic shortage of iron.
  • deficiency of essential nutrients, such as potassium.Again, it is easy to find with the help of blood tests.
  • Thyroid thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones .Hyper- and hypoactive thyroid can cause fatigue.A blood test for levels of the hormone that stimulates thyroid activity will help evaluate its function.
  • Diabetes.People who do not control your diabetes, usually feel unwell.If you feel weakness, and you have blurred vision, or you urinate a lot, you need a blood test.
  • Depression.If accompanied by a feeling of exhaustion with sadness and loss of appetite, and you just can not take pleasure in those things that used to enjoy, you may have depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .
  • Obstructive sleep apnea Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .If you never feel rested, ask the person who sleeps next to you, do not bother you it to your snoring.If yes, do the test in a sleep lab.Some other symptoms of sleep apnea include feeling of lethargy after morning awakening and morning headaches.
  • Undetected heart disease.Fatigue can be a sign of heart problems, especially in women.If you have difficulty performing exercises that were given to you easily, or you start to feel worse during exercise, this may be a sign of heart disease.If you are in doubt, go to the doctor.