Air freshener - how much it is safe?

air freshener In order to create and maintain comfort in the house, it takes a lot of effort.The order, tasteful furniture - this is not guarantee that your home will be comfortable.Of great importance in the building play odors.The aroma of freshly prepared food makes any home warm and cozy, but the smell of burning cigarettes can spoil all impression.In order to odors do not bother you, there are air fresheners.We used to use them, but rarely think about what kind of air freshener is safer and better suited for the premises.

Manufacturers of air fresheners present us them as a means of destroying the fine any unpleasant odors.In fact, most fresheners simply mask the smell of one another, stronger.Often a mixture of the two smells, for example, the smell of cigarettes and air freshener to form a mixture of flavors that stay in the premises becomes very difficult.

As part of these air fresheners are not present natural flavors, but only chemicals, high concentrations can be dangerous for human health.Especially dangerous is the combination of these chemicals, ozone, as they form formaldehyde, which can cause allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat or asthma.Therefore, when using air fresheners are not recommended ventilation or use of air purifiers.

addition, cylinders with air fresheners potential fire hazard.They can not be stored near heat sources or open flames.It household air fresheners have repeatedly been the cause of fires in homes and offices.

Now there are different types of air fresheners: oil-based, gel or aerosol.Some of them need to be sprayed by hand, while others operate on the network.Electric air fresheners and more convenient in that you can manually adjust the amount and frequency of spray freshener sprays.If the spray fresheners for some reason you do not fit, now easily select an alternative.For example, air freshener Ultimatic by Katrin.It is a small device, which operates on conventional batteries.Inside the device is a dispenser with a fan and a gel cartridge.The fan distributes the fragrance throughout the room for three to four weeks.The disadvantage of this air freshener is that it spreads the fragrance continuously, you can turn it off, just by removing the battery.

Some air fresheners have a structure that allows you to install them in the door, they work every time the door is opened.As a rule, professional fresheners, which are used in toilets.Other air fresheners are triggered automatically when you turn on the light, they are also professional and most often used in washrooms.

There are also programmable electronic air fresheners.Such manufactured by Kimberlu-Clark.They are convenient in that such air fresheners can operate desired time, such as six to twelve hours or more with the necessary breaks - from several minutes to several days.Capacity depends on the area of ​​the cylinder space and is calculated on 30 or more days of use.

In order to select a suitable air freshener, you need to take into account the many nuances.If you want to regulate the time and the amount of spray flavor, you do not have allergies, then you will approach a normal tank.If you want to use an automatic air freshener, you can choose any of the available on the market.It is important to establish such a unit - not too far off the floor and away from the drawing, otherwise the whole fragrance is sprayed out into the ventilation shaft.If the room is small, it is not necessary to establish a professional air freshener, as it is designed for large areas and intensive use.All removable panels, cartridges and other parts from one machine to be used only with the same brand fresheners, or they may fail.Choosing a fragrance is better to give preference to flavors, close to the natural scents such as the aroma of pine needles, citrus and flowers.Other flavors can be very sharp and persistent, not like those who use perfume - often the smell of air freshener is more stable than the smell of perfume.

Air freshener - useful and convenient thing that will help maintain a feeling of cleanliness and comfort in your home or office.To freshener did not dangerous, it is necessary to carefully choose the model, follow all the rules for its use and storage, and to remember that none of the artificial Freshener will not notice the smell of cleanliness.

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