10 Ways for introverts to be marked on the job

introvert at work People that make the greatest contribution to the work, not of those who advertise themselves.Introverts are often mistaken for shy and timid people, because they prefer solitude or socializing in small groups.Basically, they are very well perform tasks related to brainstorm these people derive their energy from the inner world of thoughts, ideas, and even memories.Although the most sociable people find more acceptance in the workplace, introverts can use its unique power to move up the career ladder.

Let the work speak for itself

People that make the greatest contribution to your workflow, not the type who pushes himself.They are of those who put forward the environment.Introverts generally do not like the limelight, but if a good job, people will notice it anyway.Build a reputation of using the results.

Make sure you have a "lawyer»

Many introverts who received promotions were chiefs or directors who for them to really Radel.Use your skills and build a strong long-term relationships with people who can help in the promotion.

Pay attention to the merits

If introverts do not like to boast about their achievements, it does not mean that they have to hide their achievements.Make it so that the chief noticed your personal contribution to the "teamwork."

Expand circle of contacts, interacting with people one on one

The more people know, the more possibilities open.But corporate meetings where people come together more closely, usually very busy and noisy, in such situations, introverts are uncomfortable.Introverts easier to build a circle of friends with the help of private conversations one-on-one than to try to attract the attention of the group.The division of the space of the room into manageable pieces will divide a large crowd into small groups.

Introduce yourself via the Internet medium

Move closer to the person with whom you want to strengthen the relationship through online sites.For example, LinkedIn or Twitter will make it easier to make the acquaintance.On-line communication, as opposed to live communication or communication by phone allows more time to draw up a report that takes a momentary voltage.

articles for other "person who can be contacted for advice»

When introvert introvert - not breaketh himself Introvert - not breaketh himself occupies a leading position, they can use their propensity to listen to people, to achieve a greater level offrankness.Introverts compared to extroverts are more besides to listen and understand the ideas of employees, and then voice them.

focus on tasks that require less communication

Introverts very well manifest themselves in analytical work, requiring perseverance and concentration.Have to work on projects such as the annual report, a summary of news of the company or database management.If a project requires patience and immersion, it is definitely a suitable job.And the man who volunteered to do the job on their own, for which no one dares to take, will look like a hero in the eyes of others.

ready by the time the need to go beyond your comfort zone

before large presentations and meetings need to be well prepared, read more information on the topic.This approach will help to look more confident.When you know what you say, you feel that it is ready for all the issues and all situations that may occur, colleagues feel it and see that you did a good job.

Take time to relax during the day

Long meetings and negotiations result in introverts stress and depressed.Take some time for a little break during the day to relax, relieve stress.Away for lunch or in the case.

must be remembered about their shortcomings

Searching increase or only recognition, we need to think that you can offer the company and be prepared to describe it in concrete shape, their achievements.This not only helps to be more prepared, but also help to convince the chief of the importance of your identity as a valued staff member.