Aroma - to solve the problems of the body

Aroma Massage has long been used as one of the most effective beauty and health treatments.The combination of the healing power of touch and fragrance of natural essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? can give amazing results, and help to solve many different problems.Therefore, aromatherapy has become so popular in recent years.This demanded the procedure is found in many beauty salons.If you want to experience the effects of this type of massage, you need to know some of the nuances of the procedure.

What is it?

essence aroma massage in the use of aromatic essential oils of natural plant origin.These oils help the skin and muscles to warm up more quickly, and the influence of flavors allows you to relax and calm down.This massage can be full or partial - it depends on the effect you want to achieve.

example, massage can strengthen the lumbar spine, muscles, relieve pain.Massage hands and feet is used in various diseases of the joints and nervous stress.Shoulder and neck massage helps not only to rejuvenate problem areas, but also helps to cope with stress and insomnia.Aroma facial smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.

to comfort of such a procedure, you should be able to take a shower before the massage.After the procedure, it is recommended to take a shower just after 8 - 12 hours to a beneficial effect of oils was maintained as long as possible - so the effect will be more prominent.As the aroma stimulates the removal of toxins from the body, throughout the course of treatment should be consumed as much as possible fluids - pure water or herbal concoctions.Effectively combines a massage with diet and physical activity - for those who want to adjust the figure.

Why aroma?

Aromatherapy is used to solve many problems.Use it to quickly cure a cold, relieve stress or cheer, but the major challenge of this type of massage - it is getting rid of cellulite.Combining traditional stroking, rubbing and vibration of the skin and muscles with the beneficial effect of essential oils allows us to literally transform.Within 10 - 15 procedures can be observed visible effect - improvement of general well-being, increased tone of the skin and muscles, more even skin texture and just a good mood.

to combat cellulite using different types of oils, each of them has its own task.First of all, it is necessary to improve the venous circulation, and this should impact oil cypress, cedar, juniper, or Cretan backgammon.Then it is important to bring the liquid to accumulate, with cedar oil than on the right.For a smoother skin surface need to improve lymphatic drainage, perform this task perfectly sandalwood oil, Indian cedar.And finally, the final stage of the treatment of cellulite - it is the release of fat.For this purpose, geranium oil, sage, lemon, orange.

To reduce stress and nerves in order to bring massage and useful properties of medicinal oils - the best means.Good aroma and that is not addictive and has virtually no contraindications, unlike many tablets.Hitting the stress applied a mixture of sandalwood oil, tea tree, lemon and mineral water.Just makes the rose oil, coriander oil and lavender healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma .

If you need to cheer up, and not to relax, then give preference citrus oil, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass Sage - cvyaschennaya grass , fennel, mint, bergamot and thyme.These essential oils give strength, improve brain function, helping to overcome the emotional crisis and literally increase the thirst for action.These beneficial properties of oils are especially needed when you feel lack of energy, but you can not afford to relax.

pine oil and oil of lemon, eucalyptus and mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness successfully used in the treatment of colds.Back massage using these oils can quickly deduce the phlegm and stop coughing.


Aroma is available for almost everyone.From this procedure should refrain only to those who have a fever, has a malignant tumor, fungal skin diseases, acute pain in the spine.In addition, a contraindication can be idiosyncrasy of a particular oil, but this is extremely rare.Indian cedar oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy, it is also necessary to take into account when choosing the composition of medicinal oils for aroma massage treatments.

Aroma - a great way to relax, relieve stress, recover a blooming appearance and self-confidence.Therefore, this type of massage to try everyone at least once in life.

Cyrus Cam