An old man's selfishness when age leaves its mark

senile selfishness old men are somewhat similar to the children: they can be as straightforward, easily offended, naive and selfish.However, children are growing up and getting smarter with age, the nature of the old man for the better does not change ever.Although old and senile selfishness parasitism quite natural to put up with their symptoms is not easy: the old man from the family requires a lot of patience.


medical opinion

human brain aging as well as the whole body.Over time, some areas of the brain atrophy and this leads to changes in personality.In some cases, slowly but steadily developing diseases that lead to the complete disintegration of mental activity - a total dementia.Such diseases are usually caused by genetic, external factors can only speed up or slow down the process.

Pick disease can begin at the age of fifty years, and even earlier with changes in personality - a person becomes sluggish, apathetic, loses the ability to generalize and understanding.Over time, patients are not critical to himself, lost the moral system.

somewhat different developing Alzheimer Alzheimer's disease - can be slowed down, can not be cured Alzheimer : first, patients complain of progressive deterioration of memory, but the self-criticism for a long time preserved.Later memory even more disturbed, patients no longer navigate in space, to recognize loved ones, and after - and himself in the mirror.Over time, the person is completely destroyed.

the most common diseases of old age - dementia.The disease develops gradually, at first - imperceptibly.Traits patient exaggerates become more pronounced: a healthy critical turning into suspicion, frugality - in stinginess, persistence - in obstinacy.The rate of mental activity is reduced, marked thought disorder.There is a tendency to moralizing, selfishness, resentment, conservatism.At this point, close to notice that the character of the old man's spoiled, but do not see this as a manifestation of the disease.The disease is progressive: as the coarsening of personality even more changes in nature, the problem starts with the memory, the patient ceases to be oriented in time and space, the personality splits.


normal changes

It is difficult to distinguish between natural variation of human personality in old age and symptoms of the disease: why dementia is seen usually only in the late stages.Of course, the diagnosis can only be a doctor, the problem is similar - to follow closely the changes in the behavior of the old man and, if necessary, to show his psychiatrist.

age, even mentally normal people often become more selfish: the fear of impending death causes them to take from life all that is possible.Alas!Opportunities are not the same that before, and this fact is not easy to accept the elderly.Hence the whims and demands.Furthermore, the elderly did not have enough attention.The natural changes in the nature of old age include:

  • Conservatism;
  • rejection of the new;
  • Selfishness;
  • egocentrism;
  • capricious;
  • tendency to moralizing;
  • difficile;
  • narrowing interest.

All these symptoms are unpleasant, but natural.But if there are memory impairment, untidiness, confusion, inadequacy - need to see a psychiatrist.Unfortunately, senile dementia can not be cured, but you can slow down the progression of the disease, and symptoms - weakened somewhat.Treatment is best to start at the early stages of the disease.


How to behave close

live with an old man - a difficult test.Even those who previously have plenty of character in old age may become unbearable.What to say about those, and so was selfish?Parents require their grown-up children the attention and constant care that the children themselves have become parents, not taken into account.Sons and daughters knocked down, trying to please the old man, but only faced with the vagaries, reproaches, resentment.

Many people resent the behavior of their elderly parents and their growing egoism.But we can not demand too much from the old: the changing nature of physiologically caused, and willpower to change themselves elderly simply can not.They can not change the situation and close all that is left for them - is to be patient.

Do not waste energy on resentment injustice of life and attempts to correct the behavior of human aging.It is better to remain silent and to smile a little more and try to bring joy to the old man - because his life there are very few joys.At the same time, of course, do not become a slave to the old man and subjugate him all his life: the sacrifice would not be appreciated.

therefore should talk to the old man gently, but firmly.Strive to please him, but not to indulge the whims and resist manipulation.Of course, to bring the old man's useless, and yet it is not necessary to indulge manifestations of senile selfishness.If there are signs of senile dementia, it is better not to risk it and do not leave the old man alone: ​​the orientation of the lost person can do anything - burn the house, home to invite criminals to get away in an unknown direction.

In no case should not leave young children under the care of old and grandparents, if there is reason to assume they develop senile psychosis.Keep in mind that dementia is often accompanied by an increase in sexual desire with a tendency to various perversions.In addition, an elderly person can be very too helpless to act as a nanny.

If you can not provide the care and control of the old man, it is useful to think about how to hire a nurse.In the later stages of the disease it makes sense to continue treatment in the hospital.

Maria Bykov