Autism: helping parents - understanding and patience

  • Autism: helping parents - understanding and patience
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Autism assistance to parents struggle that has to lead the parents of autistic children seem endless.Many of them are tormented by guilt and anxiety.In addition, they need to constantly find the money and resources to help their children.All this is depressing.On the care and treatment of a child suffering from autism, it takes a lot of money.Working parents who too often arrive early to pick up their children from school or day care at risk as a result of losing their jobs.This further complicates the situation, increasing stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? and exacerbating the financial problems.

There are many ways to find support, time off, money and friends to help you cope with any difficulties.

Do not go crazy

First of all, it is necessary to study how to more information about autism.This will help to maintain composure in difficult situations.In addition, it will allow to understand how family members can find the contact with the child.

But do not go crazy!Very often parents whose children suffer from autism spectrum disorder, throw all their forces to ensure that a detailed study of all available data about the disease and its treatment methods.This is quite natural, but not always good for the parents themselves, child marriage and other family members.And the truth is that, in this zeal is not necessary.

How many years would not have been patient - 2 years, 10 years or 25 - applied treatments can improve his condition.Of course, the sooner you start treatment, the better, but the notorious "window of opportunity" in the treatment of autism - it is rather an exaggeration.Therefore, no matter how many years of patient, never too late to alleviate symptoms of the disease.

Some parents are afraid to miss a new opportunity to treat - the same opportunity that will finally cure their child.In fact, many children have a positive effect different types of therapy, and in those children who seem to have recovered, yet still some symptoms of autism.Since there is currently no means to cure the disease, do not need to worry about it.

Media in excess supply us with stories about what causes autism.Answer There are many: television, Pitocin, vaccines, Lyme disease Lyme disease - beware of ticks Lyme Disease - beware of ticks and so on.Could one of these responses be true?Of course.But can we find out exactly what was the cause of the disease?Unfortunately no.You can analyze and weigh the evidence and draw their own conclusions.But to date, no one can say that causes autism.Therefore, rather than delve into the past, it is better to focus on the future.

When a child is diagnosed with "autism", many parents feel thrown out of life, because their child does not like the others, and they will never again be able to become "friends" among all the other parents.But they are not alone.There is a world in which there are support groups, newsletters, clubs and parent groups, and measures are being taken, in which parents whose children suffer from autism, will be very happy to see.

no need to "put an end" to the child."In the treatment of autism should not expect too much" - is realistic, but wrong.Sometimes people with autism, talk, and sometimes not.They may have great talent and create a lot of difficulties.But all of them are worthy of love and respect.

no need to "put an end" to his family or his life.Sometimes parents of autistic children feel exiles.In fact, they are still able to participate in society, even if it is somewhat more difficult.They can also go on vacation during the holidays, arrange family celebrations, visiting grandma and dedushku- it just requires patience, planning and a sense of humor.And for some people, success in any business the sweeter than the big obstacles they had to overcome in this case.


Respite care - a replacement of the person caring for a relative with special needs.Any person or institution that provides temporary care in cases where the responsible guardian must be somewhere to go or when he needs to rest for a certain period.This period may last several minutes, several hours, several weeks or more.

In some cases, the guardian of an autistic child may seek the assistance of the person performing temporary care?For example, in the case where the trustee is necessary to absent himself to be examined or to consult with your doctor.In the case where a guardian has another child, spouse or parent who needs help.And when the spiritual and physical strength guardian exhausted, and he was unable to exercise proper care of the child.When he took too long to have the ability to be alone with yourself or with your loved one.Also, in cases where no respite, he runs the risk of losing their health, their relationships and their sense of humor.These are the most important things in our life, without which the trustee would not be able to help your child suffering from autism.

Many parents find it difficult to decide on what to transfer care for their autistic child into the wrong hands.They think they always have to be close to the child, because no one can replace them.But this way of thinking is wrong.The desire to make a break or to spend time alone with your partner, instead of 47 times to watch the same video, has nothing to do with love.The more you take care of yourself, the better it will be able to take care of his family.

options respite

What type of respite is best to choose depends on the needs of the caregiver and the needs of an autistic child.If a guardian should be away for one night, it may help to ask your friends, family or an experienced babysitter.If this is not possible, you can reach out to people serving in the church, in institutions for the disabled or to the agency for families and children.

In addition, there are summer camps for the disabled, which are sometimes more preferable option than an invitation nanny to care for the child at home.Sometimes a few hours of rest from the cares of helping to establish health and to take another look at this world.

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