Pick-up: professional seduction

pickup word "pickup" has long been associated not only with cars.This term is used to denote familiarity with the purpose of seduction.Unlike ordinary mortals Pickup Girls do not just get acquainted with the opposite sex - they purposely lured.It uses special techniques, which, according to the pick up artist, guaranteed result.


Pickup: what is it?

Initially pickup was defined as a set of techniques to effectively attract the opposite sex object.Thus, the pickup was just a tool that everyone can use to your liking: someone - to find his true love, someone - for fun, others - to increase self-esteem.

Young people, enthusiastic pickup truck, are very different.Some Pickup Girls endlessly improve their art of seduction, while others put the records, how quickly they will be able to seduce a new partner.Most often pick youths addicted, but girls are often interested in effective techniques that will enchant the right man.However, for the quality of the relationship women have traditionally means more than quantity.The success of the pickup artist is usually estimated by the number of victims.We can say that for many guys pick - a kind of sport.

Adults addicted to pick relatively rare.Life experience eliminates the fear of new acquaintances far more effectively than the knowledge of special techniques.In addition, adults often interested in the relationship as such, not just sex.

Drinking pick up artist in society is also ambiguous.Girls rarely like to be "one of many", so they try to minimize contact with people, the purpose of which is the rapid seduction and the search for new "victims".At the same time Pickup Girls arouses curiosity: they are waiting for some special delights.Sometimes pikaper can become the ideal partner for example, for a woman who just like him, dreams of quick casual sex Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men Casual Sex: lifestyle, not only for men .


Art or sport?

pickups interest usually diffident young people, which seems to be very difficult to meet with you like a girl.Reading special literature and training allow to cope with self-doubt.Young people are offered ready-made templates for dating, which, according to the organizers of the training, never give misfire.In any case, participation in trainings usually improves communication skills.

Pickup Girls dispose of these skills in different ways.Someone carries out his dream and start a relationship with you like a girl.In this case, we can say that the art of the pickup possible to solve the communication problems and achieve goals.

More often, young people are to the truck as a sport: they constantly give birth to new and meet new people, lured more and more girls.Aerobatics - turn out to be a woman in bed half an hour after the first contact: this result sought by many.

On the relations as such in the case of speech, of course, does not go.About the feelings of girls, of course, too, no one cares.As a result, "athlete" goes through life, leaving behind a lot of downtrodden women who best pickup artist ever forget, and at worst - trying to take revenge on him.

sometimes even young girls dream to get on the network pikapera: for a specialist in the field of seduction is bound to attract a Woman with beautiful words and original acts.Unfortunately, the dream remained a dream.Pikapera principle - getting the girl everything without giving anything in return.Typically, these suitors fundamentally do not pay for the girls and did not give any gifts.Also, be stingy Pickup Girls and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .So the process of seduction can not always be called beautiful.


Medicine uncertainty

Advertising pick-training promises to stop the losers in successful people.Only need to pay a certain amount, and now all the women lie at the feet of the latter-day pickup artist, and at the same time playboy succeed in other areas of life.These ads can interest quite inexperienced and insecure young men who dream of success.

Unfortunately, there are no universal recipes, and even the much-hyped training does not guarantee success with the opposite sex.At best, uncertain young man learns to communicate with the girls, and will feel more relaxed.At worst - will repeat the "magic" phrase and try to make new friends on the proposed schemes with varying success.Do not wait for a pickup from the revelations of the training - for the money students receive a set of psychological cliches and recommendations for their use, as well as some stories from the life of a successful pick up artist.


Relations pick up artist

Relations pick up artist is rarely satisfactory.The easiest way in this relationship just did not come.It is not always possible to recognize pikapera immediately, but some signs should alert:

  • original way to explore.Unusual or suspicious words may specially rigged situation;
  • Constant attempts to touch when meeting.Pickup Girls somehow believe that it gives them power over the girl;
  • Experienced pick up artist somehow just want to be trusted;
  • man reluctantly gives your phone, but the phone asks insistently girl.After that, he almost immediately disappears;
  • Generally, the young man seems unpredictable: disappear for no apparent reason, suddenly appears when it is not expected;
  • Rendezvous features original, but somehow the situation seems unnatural;
  • Immediately after meeting on the third date or young person insists on having sex or simulates a situation pushes to close.

It is important that all of these techniques can be used not only "professional" pick up artists, but also ordinary young people tuned to a serious relationship.But unlike pikaperov such men usually do not mind having to buy a girl a bouquet of flowers or pay for it in a restaurant.

Maria Bykov