How to live after the loss: the pain that you need to understand

how to live after losing Men and women are experiencing a lot of stress in different ways.Women seeking support from their loved ones, for them it is very important that others were there and comforted them after the loss.

Men often believe that showing sadness and pain - a woman's business, and a sign of weakness.Faced with the loss, they are immersed in any case and are pleased that overcome difficulties on their own.

But both men and women need to learn to cope with severe stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , to survive it without profound consequences for the psychological health.

Mountain bereavement - one of the most difficult challenges in life.After going through it, part of the personality change, and will never be the same as before.But the pain can not only destroy the person, but also to make it stronger and wiser.

In some moments, especially soon after the loss, the pain is so strong that it seems it is simply impossible to bear.But think about what your loved one has left hardly like that you feel so bad for him.The loss of a loved - this is forever, even if now you have no idea how you will live, you will find the strength to cope with this.To restore the lost joy and overcome the pain, try:

  • remember that departed closer still with you;They live in your heart.Memories of him will always be alive and to see it, you only need to close your eyes.Every time you feel the need to be closer to this person, find a quiet place, close your eyes and mentally talk to him.So you will feel much better.
  • maintain intimacy with the departed person, talking about it.People around you can experience the same feeling to you and will be happy to share their thoughts.Talk about what you have experienced together, the good times and bad, about the funny and sad occasions.The memories of the wonderful time you spent together will be long to keep his memory alive.
  • strengthen memory.When we leave the road for man, we do not want other people to forget what he has done in his life.You can, for example, to establish a scholarship or a prize in his name.This, of course, not available to all, but to plant a tree name of a loved one can be one.And believe me, every tree is every bit as important to our world than a charity.
  • not for a moment forget that the deceased nearly always wish you happiness.He would like to see, and after his death, you lived a full life, smiled, laughed, slept, doing what you love, love.If you live like this, it does not mean that you forget it.He will never leave your heart.But in the world there are many people and businesses, which can affect their love as well as his, he influenced you.This is the best way to perpetuate his memory, because that his love will never die, but rather multiplied.

After the loss of a loved one, we have to go through the pain to experience it fully, and - to live.We can take the memory of loved ones with them wherever we go.We can make them proud of us, after all, one way or another, we will take all the way along.