Alcohol addiction - for no reason, no reason not arise

Alcohol addiction person is not always easy to understand when alcohol enters the line between habit of drinking several times a week, and alcohol dependence.But if you drink alcoholic beverages, to cope with life's difficulties and to get away from negative emotions, it is an alarming sign.Alcohol addiction can be a surprise to a man, but only because he had long denied the very possibility of its existence ("I can quit at any time" - many people do not just say, but really believe in it).However, the relationship is formed gradually, and there are certain signs by which it can be identified at any stage.


Why do people become addicted to alcohol

Alcohol addiction develops under the influence of many interrelated factors, such as genetics, upbringing, social environment, mental health.In some ethnic groups, such as American Indians and Alaska Natives, the risk of alcohol dependence is much higher than average.People whose immediate relatives suffered from alcoholism, as well as those who are in close contact with alcoholics are also at risk of developing alcohol dependence.The group also includes the risk of people suffering from disorders such as anxiety disorder, depression, or bipolar disorder, as they may use alcohol to improve their own psychological state.


Do you have a drinking problem?

Perhaps you have an alcohol problem if:

  • you feel guilty or ashamed because of the fact that too much, and often drink;
  • you lie to others about how much you drink;
  • Your family and friends are concerned about how much alcohol you consume;
  • you need to drink to relax or just to feel better;
  • you sometimes can not remember what they were doing when they were intoxicated;
  • you regularly consume more alcohol than originally planned - you find it hard to stop.

However, the most important criterion - that's how alcohol affects you.If alcohol is causing problems in your life, it's time to think about how to overcome the habit of alcohol.



Doctors distinguish between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence present, or alcoholism.People who abuse alcohol, yet are capable of self-restraint, although they have a habit can be dangerous both for themselves and for others.Since alcohol is a step toward alcohol dependence, it will list the most common symptoms:

  • person ignores their home, work and other responsibilities due to alcohol consumption habits.For example, it can not take care of children and to miss work due to the fact that once again in a state of intoxication;
  • Drinking alcohol when it is a health hazard, for example, the combination of alcohol with drugs, despite the ban on the doctor, the use of alcoholic beverages before performing potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration of attention, including before you get behind the wheel;
  • regular trouble with the law as a result of use of alcohol;
  • person continues to drink despite the fact that because of that he has problems in its relations seven problems in relationships and how to solve them Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them with loved ones;
  • Man almost loses its ability to reduce stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? without the help of alcohol.

Not all people who abuse alcohol develop alcohol dependence, but the probability of this is very high.Alcoholics all signs of alcohol added to physical dependence on alcohol.

tolerance to alcohol - the first of two major signs of alcohol dependence.You need to drink more than before, to relax?You can drink more than others, without feeling drunk?If so, your body has become tolerant to alcohol, and you constantly have to increase the dose to get the desired effect.

withdrawal syndrome - the second most important symptom of alcoholism.Tremors in the limbs, tachycardia Tachycardia - the body to the limit? Tachycardia - the body to the limit? , sweating after drinking alcohol, which can only be alleviated with the help of another alcoholic drink - the most typical signs of withdrawal syndrome.In other words, no alcohol in humans begins the "breaking" - more or less strong depending on the stage of alcoholism.Other withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, depression, irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , lethargy, lack of appetite, headaches.In severe cases, the removal of alcohol can cause hallucinations, confusion, convulsions, fever.Patients who develop these symptoms, often can not quit drinking without the help of a doctor.

Many alcoholics deny the existence of addiction, and often accuse loved ones that they invent non-existent problem.The most common erroneous assertions of people with alcohol dependence:

  • «I can quit whenever I want."In most cases it is not.In the early stages of alcoholism, many people simply do not want to throw - then their relationship has not created serious problems.Then they can not do without alcohol.Such a belief - a saving illusion that sometimes remain even people who suffer from alcoholism for years.
  • «What I'm drinking - this is only my problem, and no one has the right to tell me when to throw."In fact, human alcoholism is a problem for all of his loved ones.Moreover, they suffer from this continuously: and in between heavily, and when a person allows himself to relax again with alcohol.
  • «I'm not an alcoholic, because I do not drink every day."Even if a person does not drink for months, but now and then there comes a time when he can not hold back and drink for several days in a row, at the expense of his own life, he is a real addiction.
  • «I'm not an alcoholic, because I have a job, and I have to cope with it."Alcoholics are not only homeless.Some of them succeed in school and work - until a certain time.Once health problems will be felt, and prosperity will be threatened.The only way to avoid it - to give up alcohol.


How to help a person with alcohol dependence

those who become dependent on alcohol, you can only advise to consult a doctor or stop drinking on their own (in the early stages of dependence is quite possible).In any case, to overcome the dependence will require enormous willpower, courage, and a lot of time.

If alcohol dependence at your loved one, remember that you can get him to stop drinking.The solution can only accept himself.

what not to do if your loved one dependent on alcohol:

  • not play the role of victim.Constant complaints and accusations only reinforce the feeling of guilt of an alcoholic, and deal with it, he can only one way.If you can no longer live with a dependent person, it is best just to leave;
  • Do not pour spirits and do not hide the bottle;
  • Do not threaten divorce, moving with their children and so on.If you decide to do it - do it, but it makes no sense to threaten: it will only lead to more tension in the family, and can provoke aggression, but does not induce a person to stop drinking;
  • not justify an alcoholic - even if a person started drinking because of psychological problems with them could easily cope in other ways;
  • Do not expect people to stop drinking without help.Most affiliates urgently needed care as doctors and loved ones.

Finally, the treatment - a long process, and should not expect quick results are not.As to the patient and his loved ones need a lot of patience and effort to return to a sober life, but if it happens - will achieve general.