Pheromones - the road to the heart of a loved one is through the nose

Pheromones How to find the way to a man's heart?How to become more attractive to the opposite sex?This will help the newest modern women love potion - synthetic pheromones.Pheromones are allocated in small amounts by virtually all animals.This fragrant volatile substances that are produced by special glands located in the skin of the animal.They are perceived by the olfactory receptors that send signals to the brain.In the mating season male and female of one species always find each other, even at a distance, it is pheromones determine their behavior during courtship and mating.

Pheromones are not very well studied, they began to study only in 1990.Scientists have found that there are several types of pheromones.For example, sex pheromones are needed to find and attract individuals of the opposite sex.There are pheromones that animals emit in case of danger.Other animals use pheromones to mark the boundaries of their territory.Collect scattered relatives into a flock of pheromones also help.

It is known that human skin releases a variety of pheromones, they largely determine the sex appeal Sexual attraction - chemistry for two Sexual attraction - chemistry for two the opposite sex for each other.Man recognizes pheromone signals using organ called the vomeronasal organ or body Jacobs.This organ is located in the nose, but it should not be confused with their olfactory organs.Jacobs body is directly related to the structures of the brain that control sexual behavior and regulate the production of hormones.Hypersensitive receptors of the body in the presence of trapped air even small doses of pheromones and transmit this information to the brain.

Smell natural pheromone is very thin, faint, it is partially destroyed by deodorant and other perfumes that we use on a daily basis.In addition, our body hidden under clothing, especially dense in the winter months.Stress, fatigue, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , bad weather, the reception of medicines, changes in temperature adversely affect the production of pheromones, and hence our attractiveness to the opposite sex.All these circumstances have prompted scientists to the idea of ​​creating a synthetic pheromone, the idea was enthusiastically taken up by manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes.Experts rightly felt that the added pheromones in the perfume - the best solution.The results of the survey showed that women whose spirits were added pheromones enjoyed extraordinary success in men.

The perfumes used synthetic pheromones, they are a complete analog natural.The presence of pheromones in the perfume does not mean the absence of smell spirits themselves.Conversely, manufacturers offer a large variety of flavors, and every woman can choose perfume to your taste.Experts say that the use of perfume with pheromones several times increases the body's production of its own pheromones.Buying a perfume with pheromones, pay attention to their composition - they must not contain alcohol, since alcohol destroys pheromones.

wonder perfumes with pheromones often called love potion of the 21st century.Women are advised to use them to attract the attention desired by men.For married couples, whose sense of smell to the natural pheromones partner for several years of cohabitation were dim, such spirits come to the rescue.It has been observed that the action of pheromones becomes apparent not only others, but also the man himself, reshivshemusya try such unusual spirits.Fatigue and stress are, the person becomes more active, energetic and cheerful.

Pheromones are added not only in perfumes but also in a variety of creams and even lip gloss, the range of cosmetics with pheromones constantly expanding.Cosmetic products with pheromones is becoming more popular in different countries, not only among women, but among men of different age groups and social categories.People who regularly use such means, celebrate their positive impact on his emotional state, their mood improves, they become more unfettered and open to dialogue.

Rukavishnikova Irina