Aromatherapy - heals the soul, but not the body

Aromatherapy adult life is full of disappointments.We grow up and stop believing in miracles, forgotten tales and turn off the imagination.One of the first disappointments of becoming fact that Santa Claus does not exist, but there is a good dad who puts under the tree almost what I dreamed.Almost, because the dad is not a magician.

Then we know that dreams come true and not true, love comes to us, sometimes not the same.And then ... then, scientists from Ohio University tell us that aromatherapy, it appears, it has no effect on the immune system, pain sensitivity and speed the healing of wounds.

studied, they mean the action flavors of lemon and lavender oil in healthy volunteers.Is fixed within three days of 56 men and women under the nose of a cotton ball soaked in lemon oil or distilled water, and then measured their blood pressure and heart rate, blood samples were taken for analysis.At the end of the line to assess the mood of recipients of special psychological tests.The rate of wound healing in experimental scientists checked by a test with a strip of adhesive tape.To determine pain sensitivity volunteers lowered feet immersed in ice water.

And it became clear as a result of these experiments?The result of the study has disappointed many fans of aromatherapy that have spread to every corner of its beneficial properties.It does not work!Now this has been proved scientifically.

technique so actively popularized in the media today has no effect on the levels of stress hormones and immune factors.Aromatherapy also has no analgesic effect and does not accelerate the healing of wounds.Unless the mood improves.And then only lemon oil.However, it can not experimental ones.Maybe the conditions are too clinical.Maybe ... but you never know what could be!

In any case, doctors have recognized the human body mechanism is too complicated for the final, irrevocable conclusions.Like, like aromatherapy, helps with that - use on health, but causality between aromagiey and thereby health, we find we can not.

At the same time, people are unlikely to cease to treat the soul and perhaps body fragrances.There are a lot of reasons.Scents help us recreate the unique view of the world, to make it complete and, if possible, warm.Historically, we attach great importance to the fragrances.Expensive perfumes, incense, scented oils, and finally, a special favorite food odors.Often them pleasantly tickles the nose as hand fatigue, improves mood ... It is from odors instead of pictures.

Since smell ceased to play an important role for survival we are not aware and do not analyze the subtleties surrounding olfactory picture.For example, when we are surrounded by the smell of his native home, comes a sense of security and comfort (the mechanism is too ancient and little affected by a scientist from Ohio).Why is that?With the smell of the animals mark their territory.Surrounded by a familiar smell, they feel at home, safe.We, of course, are more complicated, but it does not mean that nature takes its toll.

Surrounded by its flavors, we feel comfort and even happiness.If you do not feel - it's time to get excited about aromatherapy and bring into the house something harmonious, ask the right tone, relieves stress.

aromas fill the house, ensuring their harmonious combination - is as much art as decoration of living space and table setting.For example, the popular stylists are taught the rules of combination of fragrances (fragrance combining).So why do not you become such stilistom- "aromagom" for yourself?

You do not need to study the Talmud, we need only to listen to your feelings and spend a few hours (perhaps days) in the shop incense Incense - echoes of ancient rituals Incense - the echoes of ancient rituals .After all, if the spirits of more or less clear, the use of the subtleties of incense sticks and candles we think is rare.And in vain.In general, perfume and simultaneously expanding the space occupied by a woman, and extends its presence.The scent attracts attention.We think about it later, when the woman is no longer in the room.The scent becomes her train.

As for spices, they may be less associative, but no less effective.Filling the room with the scent of freshly ground coffee and you can do it without getting tired.Light aromolampu with the smell of roses or lavender healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma and arranges a romantic date for two.Arrange the flat sticks with mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness or incense Ladan: aromatic resin voskurivaniya Frankincense: aromatic resin voskurivaniya and furnishings will be in harmony.Generally, the choice of fragrant fantasy depends on you and your household.When you find that unique cocktail of smells, which will improve the mood and feeling all believe you've found your scents.Now these smells need to surround themselves not only at home, but where do not have enough comfort.You can, for example, to take a trip to the scented candles.This will help you to carry home a piece of himself.A kind of "portable feng shui."

Anastasia Krainer