Coping with grief: how to deal with emotions

overcoming grief how to deal with emotions Traumatic events are a shock to the mind and body and can cause a whole range of experiences.For some time, the person may not understand how to live on after what happened.To cope with their grief and continue normal life, it takes time, help others and the understanding that it will not be easy.

range of emotions

Mountain - is the emotional state, which is required to overcome a lot of time.This is a healthy reaction to any traumatic event and it is important not to suppress it, and give yourself time to go through all the stages of grief.Among the emotions that you will experience can be: a sense of guilt, sadness, anger, fear, denial and disbelief, depression, numbness.

adoption of her grief

Do not try to run away from sorrow, turn to face him.Recognize that what happened actually happened, it can not be changed, and this will lead to profound changes in your personality, which in many ways will also be irreversible.

Seek help

Perhaps you'll want to spend some time alone to gather his thoughts and somehow learn to cope with their grief, but it is important to admit that you need help from others.

If after a while you will find that you can not go about their business as usual, you have sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and / or there were thoughts and feelings that interfere with daily life, we must turn to a psychologist.He will tell you ways that you can control your emotions and ultimately overcome grief.It is important to recognize the problems and start talking about it - this is in one voice say many experts.

  • Seek support from your family, friends, the people who are going through a similar loss.
  • not necessary to speak loudly about their emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .They can write or draw, or, for example, to play the guitar - do it in such a way as best he can.
  • ceremony of farewell to the deceased - a very important and beneficial ritual.It helps to recognize and accept the death of a loved one.By the way, if you overcome another difficult situation, you can also come up with a ritual that is making you acknowledge accept and release your pain.

When it becomes easier?

There is no set period for which a person has to cope with grief.Unfortunately, for many people, the pain never goes completely.However, this should not prevent you to live happily, even though that sometimes sadness can come back with renewed vigor.

Allow yourself to experience the mountain as long as necessary.You need to return to a normal life, but be prepared for the fact that it will take some time.

moments of happiness that are rare at first, then more and more, they say that you will cope with grief.Once you realize that the sadness and depression are no longer your dominant emotions - and it will be your victory over pain.

If you do not allow yourself to feel the grief in full, forced himself to look outwardly calm (for how you think your family's well-being, or not to show weakness), you may experience problems with the full acceptance of what happened, and the emotions that yousuppressed, they show themselves in a different way.

You will live on, and even if part of your consciousness will always be longing for the departed person, once again you will laugh.