Women's perfume.

Women with the first women's perfume perfume in ancient Egypt was the secret weapon of those women who want to ascend to the next level of appeal.Cleopatra and Nefertiti knew the secret of smells wonderful, and generous use of incense Incense - echoes of ancient rituals Incense - the echoes of ancient rituals really gave them confidence and drove crazy with the stronger sex.Perfume was widely used in Egypt, and then was borrowed by the Greeks and Romans.

Representatives of ancient civilizations used oil, rich scents of wood, spices and flowers, rarely: as an adjunct to the ritual bath reception.And the popularity of perfume in the European countries forced women around the world to really fall in love with fragrant "accessories."This love today only increases, because perfumers not only keep the old traditions, but also annually produce new design flavors.

Arrival perfume Europe

Perfume were introduced into Europe about the twelfth century by the Arabs, it offers a variety of spices, along with traditional oriental fabrics, jewelry and spices spices - delicious slimming Spices - delicious slimming .But the peak of the popularity of flavors can be considered as the eighteenth century, when the French ruler Louis XV so loved anoint his body scent, which demanded a new flavor every day.

Applying perfume at the time - on the body and various items - it was largely driven by a desire to fight off bad body odor caused by hook or rare.It is not surprising that the court of Louis XV-th was known as the "perfumed court» - cour parfumme.From the time of his reign spirits begin to rapidly gain popularity in France.

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the first women of her time, to pay tribute to perfume.Queen needed only pleasant scents, and many fine songs were composed by the best perfumers to please her.People of that time have learned to subordinate fragrance occasion, mood and well, so perfumers were quite free in their experiments.The popularity of spirits in France, not only did not decrease, but increased - as well as throughout Europe.Since the French Revolution, when the perfume began to do on the basis of the chemical, which is used to this day, France is the proud title of the "perfume" of the world.

Perfume: Past and Present

In the United States, the popularity of spirits can be judged by the range of department stores.It was especially noticeable appearance of Chanel №5 - flavor, which remains one of the most popular women's fragrances in the world.New and new smells fill up the shelves of perfume departments each year, reflecting a woman at the time when they were created.

Modern female spirits are produced not only in hundreds of different versions of the smell, but also in the wonderful bottles, supplementing them grace.Of course, the flavors, a variety of both quality and price, can be found in all major shopping centers, but modern women access and other "store" - the Internet, where the spirits not only diverse, but sometimes much cheaper.To this was more pleasant shopping, purchase delivered directly to your home.

new women's fragrance never cease to appear, keeping the imprint change the style.But, choosing perfume, remember that they do not necessarily have to be fashionable, but must emphasize and complement your appearance and demeanor.