How to return to normal life after the loss of a loved one

how to get back to normal life after the loss of a loved one Studies have shown that a close relationship of trust - the most effective factor in restoring recovering from psychological trauma.When life was changed once and for all, to overcome the pain using only conversations impossible.Man needs intimacy, compassion and understanding of the other person.Without family support recovery after the loss of a loved one can not be.

Your loss is tragic.Close the person you lost, is not guilty of any crime, and his death - is not a punishment for sin.Anger will rise and rise within you, when you least expect it: in the store when you're shopping, commuting to work, for dinner.

first days of heavy losses

you expect the days of weeping and anger of the night.Be ready for it.At this time it is necessary not to withdraw into themselves, and to seek the participation of friends and relatives.If you do not have friends or loved ones - find them.Go to church.Talk with your child's teachers.

If you have any insurmountable difficulties, consult a psychologist or therapist who specializes in this kind of therapy.It will help you to return to the living world.Remember that your life, no matter how vain and senseless it may seem - is your only salvation.Because that's all you have.

If you have a child, and you have lost a husband or wife, remember, except you have a child no one left, once you have the value of itslife.He needs you.Try as soon as possible to return to a normal existence.Complete silence with tears, hugs and general anger.If you go through the ordeal together, it will be easier.

grieve, mourn your loss together and talk about it.Or just be quiet together.Do not wait for an answer from God or anyone else.There is no answer.Time - your best friend, time heals all wounds.Over time, your pain will become dull.

Insist that everyone in your family continue to live their normal lives.At the same time you have to develop a strategy for behavior that will help others cope with their grief.Your life has changed and will never be the same.It is your honor and the burden of responsibility to help your pet adjust to the new reality.

behavior with a child

Maybe you're worried about how to talk with your child?The answer to this question is very simple.Be truthful.Be sincere.Adapts to the child.Do not tell me more than he wants to know.Listen to the hidden issues.Encourage your child's attempts to discuss this tragic situation.

not hesitate to resort to the help of books and articles.Contact your child's intelligence.Older children are very concerned about issues of meaning.Direct the child and look for answers together.Do not leave a child alone.

Spend time with your child.Turn off the TV.Walk more.Play.Take a weekend or holiday.Go hiking or traveling.Walk along the beach on a cold autumn day.Embrace the child, do not hold back - he needs physical contact.Play together, play sports together.

Listen.Be attentive to your husband (wife) and children.Listen to what they want to say their behavior.Do not wait until they will voice their feelings - it can never happen.If this happens, stop, leave all their classes and turn out loud.Another chance you may not be.

Steps to peace of mind

find opportunities for informal communication with adults.Spend more time with friends.Attend church.Take charity volunteer.Find ways to share your feelings with other adults

find opportunities for informal communication for the child.Arrange a meeting with the other children.Drive your child to the playground.Get involved in the school life of the child, to help him prepare lessons.Encourage friendships.Remember that the child, like you need to talk about their feelings with their peers.

Try to enjoy life.Listen to music.Playing a musical instrument.Take painting or sculpting.Attend concerts and performances.Walk to museums.Artistic expression helps to survive the loss and return to normal life.

Spend more time in nature.If possible, Organize around the house, do some gardening.Picnic in the park.Master the new sport, such as rock climbing.Collect rocks, bird watching.Appreciate the healing power of nature.

If you have lost a loved one, to honor his memory.Gradually, his memory will be an integral part of your and interrupted this man's life continue in you.You will become a living monument to him and his memory will carry through the rest of his life.

Remember that family always comes first.Your children, relatives and parents need you.Support each other.Treat each other.Try to keep all your loved ones have gone through this difficult period with minimal losses.Do not let anyone leave.