It is easy to learn meditation and how to begin

how easy it is to learn meditation Meditation is not just for hippies and yogis.It is a tool that can help and guide each of us through life.Meditation is an art - and the presence of the present, as in the technique that helps us to feel this presence.Meditation focuses us on the present time.At the same time all unnecessary thoughts disappear and we get the opportunity to simply feel their existence.

Why meditation?

Meditation produces a wonderful effect.The benefits of meditation classes reduces stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , the rhythm of palpitations, deeper breathing and relieves internal stress.Moreover, meditation helps us to free ourselves from thinking about the problems and conflicts, irritation, anger and bad mood, allowing us to just be in the present moment.Freed from the negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , we open ourselves to positive emotions and feelings, such as joy and kindness.Meditation helps in general to feel better and get in touch with what we really represent.

People come up meditation because they need it.She also adds that meditation has a direct positive effect on our attitude towards the future, helping to make wise decisions and activates the energy of the person.All these factors help us to lead a more productive life and is easier to cope with emerging challenges.

How to start meditation?

most important thing - to form the habit of meditation.Thus the main goal should be the duration and regularity of meditation.This practice should be given at least 5-10 minutes daily.It is better to hold classes in the morning when our brain is still fresh.On the other hand, the best time for meditation - this time, the most convenient, both for you and for your family.

What's next?Just sit down, according to the yogic traditions, for meditation to take a comfortable position, sitting with a straight back - preferably in a pose with his legs crossed on a cushion for yoga or propse on a chair that allows you to sit up straight and do not slouch.Close your eyes and just observe your thoughts as they arise.Breathe easy and free.

Another meditation technique Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit proposes to focus on the breath.Breathe naturally, inhale and exhale without tension, without shortening or lengthening the exhalation breath go.If you are distracted, then consider myself at the end of each breath.Breathe in, out, again.Inhale, exhale, two.Inhale, exhale, three.Count to five and start to score again.This practice helps to be aware of its presence in the moment.

Secrets of Successful Meditation

Meditation requires effort.We'll have to try and find the time, and let go of the idea of ​​an infinite number of future cases, and relax.The key to successful meditation - is determination and regularity.The more you meditate, the better feel.

But what is most important?Do not evaluate yourself or your thought processes.Do not let yourself get distracted and come back each time to a point of reference.Our brain is so constituted as not to be inactive.If you are again beginning to overcome thoughts, focus on your breathing.Part of the whole process - to learn how to monitor the state of his mind, but to completely eliminate his reaction.Develop the ability to observe your thoughts without making futile attempts to stop their flow.Say to yourself right now my brain is thinking about domestic affairs, he now recalls the sad event from my past, and so on.

Among other things, do not need anything complicated.Meditate - then just be in peace and quiet.And nothing more.Being in peace and quiet, we see ourselves as we really are.