Games to improve memory - Exercise for the brain

memory improvement games says Dr. Norman Doydzh, during the life of the brain can change its structure and create new neurons.Previously, it was believed that adult brains only weakens over time.But to maintain the shape required exercises and brain needs them as well as the muscles of the body.Mental exercises designed specifically for stimulating the brain, and in particular memory.Exercises to help improve visual memory, and calculating in his mind often include games to improve memory.

Games partition information

Memory can be divided into sensory, short-term and long-term.Sensory memory allows a person to hold information in memory of the senses in a very short time duration of 200-500 ms.Short-term memory - the ability to hold information in memory in a very short time.It is limited not only on time but also on the number of objects - they may be no more than seven concurrently (plus or minus two).The capacity of short-term memory can be increased by using a technique of separation of objects into parts.For example, to memorize long number, it is necessary to divide it into three fragments figures.British site offers good game to train your memory.There is information about the specific strategies that can improve memory.Try playing a game of "remember the number?", Which will allow to memorize phone numbers, dividing them into groups of digits.

Short-term memory

Great game "Flashing memory."This is a variation of the classic game "Memory", in which the players turn over cards and try to find them a couple.Make a mistake, the player turns two cards and the game continues.Trying to remember the location of cards, developing short-term memory.The game "Neyrosvet" experiencing spatial short-term memory of man.In this game, it is necessary to memorize a sequence in which the objects are illuminated, and reproduce it sequentially.Different levels of the game designed for the development of both children and adults.The game can be found on the website

Working memory

ability to hold information in mind while performing other actions, very important for activities such as learning and reasoning.The active pursuit of information and manipulation require retention of information in short-term memory.Tricky Sequence Question - is a game that involves working memory.The player will show the seven figures, which represent a certain sequence of objects.One of the figures do not correspond to this sequence and it must be found and eliminated.This game is quite complicated.

volatile memory

volatile memory can store a large amount of information, but the complexity often associated with in order to get access to this information.The storage of information for a long time can help the game "way of remembering."Using special techniques, you can easily learn to memorize a set of objects.