How to improve short-term memory - Visualization of memories

improve short-term memory Many people occasionally have problems with memory.The ability to memorize and recall the necessary information may be important for the learning process, and for the further conduct of social life.How to improve your memory is to not get in a quandary at a crucial moment?Why refer to the memory worked as a fine-tuned engine?

Method Association

Associate all the necessary information to the absurd visual images.For example, it is necessary to capture an envelope while leaving his home.One can imagine this envelope in a huge size, with huge teeth, which chattering jaws throws at you as soon as you go out the door.When leaving the house of a giant image of the envelope pops up in the mind and will not let him leave.The absurd image, the greater the likelihood of remembering.


can be used for the associative memory of the first letters of the name.For example, you can create an association for remembering names.For example, the Jura - whacky, Sasha - Sasha presented;Masha - like the girl from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear."Thus, it is easy to relate the names of people that you need to remember.

using the first letters of words can be catchy phrase.For example, to remember the names of planets can form sentences like this: My mother always forbid me, The young Ranger, recognizable names of the planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

Using the first letters can be using acronyms to remember certain information.For example, the abbreviation "KGB" means the colors of the Russian flag from the bottom up (red, blue, white).

Under certain circumstances, you can remember the names of the participants of the events, repeating the name of the person at the time of submission.Looking at the face of the man for a few seconds, you can repeat his name, or make the connection between his name and appearance.immediately looked at his badge after saying his name out loud.


For example, it is necessary to recall the name of the author of the have recently read.You can try to call for help tactile properties of memory and recall.Feel how you were holding a book, imagine the cover, the surface - laminated or plain.Probably.tactile feel will be useful and will be present in the memory of the book's title and author's name.This technique does not always work, but for many people can be a good help.

Alternatively, you can usually play games that involve memory.This will help maintain the activity of the brain and sharpen memory.