Types psychoprophylaxis - WHO classification

types psychoprophylaxis Psychiatrists all over the world are concerned about the increase in neuropsychiatric disorders.Due to these developed various measures to prevent these diseases.According to the WHO classification 1983 psychoprophylaxis divided into primary, secondary and tertiary.Under each of these developed its own measures to reduce the neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Primary psychoprophylaxis

is prevention of neuropsychiatric disorders, which includes the most extensive activities, such as the fight against epidemics, injuries, psychogenic effects on human health of the mentally ill.This also includes the education of children and adolescents, their timely and proper professional orientation, reducing their neuropsychiatric loads, preventing family conflicts, psychotherapeutic advice and assistance in situations of acute conflict in the family, at work, with neighbors and so on.

great importance is the prevention of hereditary diseases, to this end, are genetic counseling, a task which is to identify possible deviations in neuropsychological development of the fetus Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week and prevent the birth of a sick child.

in antenatal obstetricians tell pregnant women about the harmful effects on the central nervous system (CNS) of the child alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, smoking and so on.No less important for the birth of a child is mentally healthy and proper management of pregnancy and childbirth - is prevention of various toxic effects on the central nervous system of the child due to pregnancy, and birth trauma.Value for normal neuropsychological development is the early detection of a child's developmental anomalies and their treatment.

Prevention and treatment of any severe acute, chronic disease is both psychoprophylaxis.Of particular importance this has for the prevention of cancer patients.

Secondary psychoprophylaxis

Secondary psychoprophylaxis - is early detection and treatment of mental disorders and diseases.Important role played by the use of effective methods of treatment, drugs, long-term maintenance therapy, which excludes the possibility of relapse.

Such patients should always be seen by a psychiatrist.Proper observation, timely anti-treatment is secondary psychoprophylaxis.

Psychiatrists should be familiar household, family conditions such patients to timely repay the conflict and to prevent the exacerbation of mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? .

Tertiary psychoprophylaxis

Tertiary psychoprophylaxis aimed at preventing severe for the patient and the surrounding social consequences of diseases.So, with grave consequences for the patient are his disability, inability to work, to adapt to the social environment, severe course of mental illness.

For others the effects may also be significant.If you do not adapt to society patient lives in a family, then it creates a heavy psychological atmosphere, which can lead to the development of psychogenic (reactive psychosis and neurosis) family members.Here tertiary psychoprophylaxis merges with the primary.

Finally, great importance is the prevention of illegal actions in psychiatric patients.According to statistics, most of all unlawful acts committed with schizophrenia Schizophrenia - to blame civilization Schizophrenia - to blame civilization , indicating that not enough good-quality tertiary psychoprophylaxis.

Within the tertiary prevention of mental disorders play an important role proper and timely assignment of patient medical and psychotherapeutic treatment, and physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, hydrotherapy, and so on.

Psychoprophylaxis using the methods of psychotherapy

various psychotherapeutic techniques can be used in all kinds of psychological prophylaxis.So, as part of the primary psycho-prophylaxis work with healthy people who found themselves in a traumatic situation, it can completely restore normal mental state.

Application of psychotherapy for the prevention of acute mental illness is secondary prevention - these methods are always used for the treatment of patients with mental diseases and are highly efficient.

Finally, under tertiary prevention of mental health therapy used in the complex treatment of exacerbations of mental illness, adaptation of patients in society and the suppression of their aggressiveness.

Prevention of mental illness is one of the main tasks of the psychiatrist.

Galina Romanenko