How to please a woman: the secrets of male attractiveness

how to please a woman female psychology seems to many representatives of the stronger sex mystery.How to please a woman?What would appear to be attractive to girls, and which - repel?Are there any ways to achieve universal female sympathy?These questions concern of many men from fourteen years of age or older.



Many young people spend long hours in the gym to make your body perfect, so - appealing to girls.Of course, tightened figure are attractive almost all women.However, in the pursuit of physical perfection do not forget about hygiene.Ironically, many modern men do not use deodorants, and take a shower only occasionally.But even the most perfect body does not seem attractive if it exudes an unpleasant odor.

For most women, it is crucial to cleanliness.Let the clothes will not be from the latest collections of famous designers, but clean and ironed.Let does not cut the venerable stylist, but the hair will be clean and shiny without dandruff Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do .Let the shoes are not the most expensive of the store, but clean and well appointed.

In pursuit of physical perfection do not forget about the soul.If women do not choose a partner for one night, and the man for a serious relationship, then the character traits for them is more important than physical attractiveness.


Male pattern

to please a woman, you must have certain personality traits, and be able to demonstrate these features in time.Most of the girls asked, what qualities should have a man, mention "male character".It is a set of qualities that the true value of women in the true men:

  • In first place is self-confidence.The man who is constantly afraid of him thinks, hesitates to buy a bouquet of flowers or frightened waiters can hardly count on the love of women.Although, of course, there is a chance that such a timid young man "would take under the heel" overbearing and opinionated lady;
  • ability to take responsibility - another man's quality, which is very much appreciated by women.Responsible man admits his mistakes and corrects them, and does not waste energy on the search for the guilty and the prosecution.Responsible man fulfills his promises.Responsible man does not lie and do not remove, he speaks the truth, and his words are not with deeds;
  • following qualities - reliability.For such a man can feel like a stone wall - is not that the dream of most women?It will provide a favorite, as well as future children everything necessary to him, you can not be afraid of anything.In addition, from a reliable man waiting loyalty;
  • sense of humor.It is believed that a sense of humor is at all, just not all of it is the same.In order to have harmonious relations, it is necessary that partners found funny the same jokes, or in the future for mutual understanding can not count.If a sense of humor does not match, it is better to look for a different pair;
  • decisively.A woman can afford to doubt and hours to choose, say, a dress for the evening.Men are also prescribed to be decisive.The response should be fast, and the decisions made - solid;
  • Courage.A man must be brave.He has a right to be afraid, like any living creature, but must be able to overcome the fear.However, the courage not to be reckless: the majority of women do not approve of extreme hobbies and other fun that threaten to eventually leave the family without a breadwinner;
  • indulgence.For many years, women are fighting hard for their independence.And still continue to wait on men indulgence.Most of the girls are convinced that they should be allowed more than men - a gender.


Not only male qualities

As has often been noted by women - creating a very inconsistent.After all, only the inconsistency can be explained by the fact that of the elect have to be a real man real woman needs a real man A real woman needs a real man and at the same time enjoy the many feminine qualities perfectly.

possible to be both masculine and feminine?Most of the girls is sure that, yes, it is.Therefore, having aimed to please a woman, she should demonstrate qualities such as:

  • Tenderness.Girls adore affectionate phrases and never get tired of listening to compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words .They are pleasant hugs and kisses, which are not a prelude to sex, but just an expression of love;
  • sensitivity.It is believed that men do not know how to talk about feelings.Those who have mastered this difficult science, are highly valued fine ladies;
  • romantic.Representatives of the stronger sex often seem more like a silly venture donated a million red roses (a new refrigerator or a car - much more practical) or sharing a bath by candlelight.However, most of the girls are very fond of "nice gesture" and sincerely believed their record of love.


little about material

Among men widely believed that modern women are very mercantile: they need only money.Of course, this is not true.The thickness of the purse is crucial for girls potrebitelnits who deliberately seek "sponsors".The remaining reasonably argue that the relations are not with the material possibilities of man, and with the man himself.

And yet we can not say that money does not matter.The majority of women are pragmatic, they are looking for a man who can provide for themselves and their future children.If the gentleman can not scrape together the money for a bouquet or going to the restaurant, it is unlikely that with him, you can feel yourself safe.

ability to earn money - a big plus for men, but the most important thing - to be able to spend the money.Women appreciate men of generous and willing to spend on them.Many even believe that it is this readiness to talk about the seriousness of the intentions of men.

Maria Bykov