The qualities that help to improve memory - the proper organization of time

Quality help improve memory good memory - one of the most essential things in our busy and crowded world of information.Many of us have to make task lists and upcoming events at the beginning of each day, but from time to time we have something to forget.A good memory will reduce the number of unmade Affairs.According to some studies it is known that there are specific techniques that significantly improve memory.

All techniques for improving memory can be collected in one place and rank in order of significance:

  • method of loci

Using this method, the player makes the list of objects that need to remember, and fancies himself in a familiar place.Then he has objects or reminders of them in different parts of this place.For the retrieval of memories about these objects should be easy to imagine the path paved by these places, and memories themselves emerge in the memory.

  • Confidence

should focus and concentrate in memory or information storage.Also, the belief in their own success enhances the ability to retrieve memories from the subconscious and helps to focus longer on the task.

  • Motivation

memorizing should increasingly turn to the subject of remembering him to develop his interest as an interest - a powerful motivator for learning and memory, and lack of interest in learning makes heavy brainwork.

  • Study material

memorizing the material under study, will be more effective way to underscore or not compilation of footnotes in the fields, and the method of drawing up their records, their own tables, charts and graphs.Assimilating the basic ideas and principles can be difficult to remember even his own material based on constructed graphs, tables and charts.

  • Breakdown of the

great task should be divided into smaller elements.According to psychological studies, especially for people to remember the material good at the beginning or end of the list or the lesson, and in the breakdown of a large amount of data into smaller pieces, the output is more "started" and "ends", which facilitates the storage.

  • Environment

new should know, ideally, in broad daylight, and preferably in silence.Designated for the process of remembering the place, the silence and the light of day a positive effect on memory.

  • Finding links

linking facts and ideas already acquired knowledge, you can strengthen your memory.Especially useful link traceable by analogy with personal experience.

  • overall picture

At mastering facts and details should be established in the mind the overall picture being studied, which will then be removed from the associative memory of the necessary information.

  • Action

When memorizing information is very helpful to pronounce the material aloud, or imagine themselves to lecture or explain the material to third parties.

  • Proper organization of time

process of learning and remembering to go in series with the time available for leisure.If the brain does not allow to relax, excessive force, and undue stress just remember the material allow for an extremely short period of time, but a tired brain can refuse "to issue" the data in the allotted time.The alternation of mental activity of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams allow evenly distribute the load and get a welcome effect.