Autism in adults: life's difficulties

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autistic adults Usually we think of autism as a child's disease, and treatment of this disorder is mainly engaged in pediatrics.But children with autism grow up and turn into adults with autism.And here there is a lot of complexities.

People suffering from autism or autism spectrum disorder tend to have problems in terms of communication and social adaptation.This complicates life in many ways.And people with severe disease require a doctor's care and care around the clock throughout life.In this case, the patient's family has to solve a difficult task, where you will live and will do what the adult child, taking into account its needs and characteristics, as well as to choose the program and the means to help realize these goals.Education in the home, at school and at work, allows a person with ASD to raise the level of education and develop over a lifetime.Some adults with autism (especially with highly functional form of autism or Asperger's syndrome) can successfully engage in many common activities.Some work in sheltered workshops under the guidance of the Governing trained to work with people with disabilities.

Life autistic

Compared to other people with autism less often create families and have children.Nor do they too often live in large cities.But gradually more and more people with ASD find a mate among people with the same syndrome.This so-called "autistic culture" based on the conventional wisdom that autism - it's not a disease that requires treatment, and a unique vision of life.People with autism spectrum disorders are attracted to each other, as they share common interests or obsessions and compatible personality types.Many of them talk about how important it is for them to communicate and to maintain friendly relations.In this they differ from the other.

Living conditions

Some people with autism can lead a relatively independent life in their home or apartment.Some cope with all everyday tasks themselves, others need help in solving the most complex problems.Such people can get support either from family members or from medical professionals or from any other service.For those families who have decided to leave their "adult children" at home, there are government funds.It is programs such as "The additional income to social security", "Social insurance in case of disability" and the program "Health care".For information about these programs can be obtained from the Social Security Administration.Often, people with disabilities live in groups, under the supervision of specialists.In such homes for people with disabilities are specialists who help them cope with daily activities, including cooking, housekeeping and personal hygiene.People with less severe manifestations of the disease can live alone in their homes.Several times a week they visit specialists in the care of people with disabilities.People with autism spectrum disorders requiring continuous care, can stay in special medical institutions.This is another option for people with autism, although not the most common.These institutions offer the possibility to restore health and performance of simple but useful work.


small percentage of adults with Asperger's syndrome can achieve success in the conventional fields, but these gains are often well below the level of their real abilities and skills.Employers need to properly use the knowledge and skills of employees.Authors' Guidelines for High Functioning Autism and Asperger syndrome for parents "describe three employment opportunities: on a competitive basis, on a voluntary basis or by sheltered employment.

Employment on a competitive basis - is an opportunity to find a job on their own, without any support from others.Some even manage to open their own business.People with Asperger's syndrome can prosper in activities that require attention to detail, but require minimal social interaction with colleagues, for example, in computer science.Volunteer - a system of support for employment, which includes paid work in certain population groups, sometimes as an employee of a mobile social service, sometimes in positions created specifically for that person.When sheltered employment is guaranteed employment in various enterprises.Also, employees who hold secure jobs tend to form labor skills are taught and norms of behavior.

For people with some form of autism good option is the online employment, such interaction virtually eliminates the possibility of using non-verbal signals that represent the complexity for people with autism.To find a suitable job, you can apply to institutions such as the public employment service, social welfare offices, the mental health center, as well as in the organization for the disabled.

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