Strong anti-depressants in the struggle for good mood

  • Strong antidepressants: in the fight for good mood
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strong anti-depressants Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) - strong antidepressant used to treat depression.The recommended course of treatment with this group is not less than six months.MAOI antidepressant dispensed in pharmacies strictly on prescription.

moclobemide, phenelzine, tranylcypromine and isocarboxazid sold under various brand names - MAOI antidepressant, considered the most effective in the treatment of the most severe forms of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .Phenelzine, tranylcypromine, and isocarboxazid - just old drugs used to treat depressive disorders in Europe since the fifties of the twentieth century.Moclobemide - MAOI antidepressant of new generation with fewer potential side effects.

MAOI antidepressant used in cases where a new generation of antidepressants (e.g., fluoxetine, sertraline or citalopram) were not effective or cause serious side effects.In addition, antidepressant MAOIs are shown in cases of atypical depression.Although this group of drugs - the most powerful antidepressants, in some cases (in particular to suppress the symptoms of mild to moderate depression) was first recommended by other types of antidepressants, as the MAOI drugs are many side effects and contraindications.For example, when receiving the antidepressant MAOIs can not eat certain foods or drinks containing tyramine, and some drugs for cough and common cold.

Action MAOI antidepressant

Action MAOI antidepressants, selective enough: in five to seven out of ten cases of severe depression or depressive disordersa significant improvement in the average severity of symptoms has been observed for a few weeks after starting treatment, but in some cases, MAOI antidepressants are not effective.In general, the effectiveness of such drugs depends on the severity of the disease - the acute symptoms of depression, the greater the likelihood of effective influence on the body, MAOI antidepressants.

Initial improvement when taking MAOIs, antidepressants can be observed within a few days after the start of treatment.In the general case for the full effects of drugs on the body requires up to three weeks.

MAOI antidepressant: precautions

basic rules while taking MAOI antidepressants, suggests:

  • Waiver of certain foods and beverages that contain tyramine.
  • Waiver of certain medications.

Consuming foods and beverages containing tyramine (including alcohol) can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? (hypertensive crisis).In particular, the phenomenon is typical when receiving MAOI antidepressant old generation (phenelzine, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine).The first sign of hypertensive crisis Hypertensive crisis: how to protect themselves from the consequences of Hypertensive crisis: how to protect themselves from the consequences of - throbbing headache.

In a lot of tyramine found in cheeses, liver, yogurt, brewer's yeast, processed meats (dry sausage type salami or pepperoni), chocolate.In addition, tyramine part of some types of alcohol, including beer, lager, wine (especially red).For the period of receiving MAOI antidepressant is better to give up alcohol completely and eat only fresh products.

MAOI antidepressant and other drugs

MAOI antidepressant can interact with other drugs, so the admission of any medication is better to inform the doctor.Even harmless drugs like cold remedies and cough, can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure (hypertensive crisis), or depressive episode.On the whole, while taking MAOI antidepressants, and for two weeks after discontinuation of treatment should be abandoned drugs, which include dextromethorphan, ephedrine Ephedrine - a natural adrenaline? Ephedrine - a natural adrenaline? or pseudoephedrine.Dextromethorphan in combination with MAOIs, antidepressants can cause an attack of depression or anxiety, and ephedrine and pseudoephedrine - a sharp increase in blood pressure.

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